Using Promotional Products to Tie in With Your Web Design and Branding 

Promotional products are a highly effective marketing tool for brand recollection. Giving away promotional products to potential customers can be helpful in generating customer loyalty and interest.

Multiple surveys were conducted by The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) to prove the direct correlation between advertising through promotional products and increases in sales and brand recognition.

In their results they found that 66% of participants said they could recall the brands behind promotional products they have been given over the last year. Also, 56% of them said they looked at businesses in a better light after receiving a promotional product.

So, how can your business use promotional products to tie in with your web design and branding?


Look at your current branding and website and identify the key colours you use to represent your brand. Also consider design features, such as fonts, sizing, types of images and phrasing. This consistency in design should be followed into your promotional packing, to keep the brand memorable and easy to recognise.


While preparing the launch of a new product line or service, you want to be promoting it as much as possible. Hashtags are a great tool for this, which you can also incorporate on any promotional product. Seeing your brands hashtag printed on a t-shirt, pen, mug or similar will spark interest to those who see it and urge them to research your brand online.


A lot of promotional products are given away during trade shows and exhibitions. However, they are also great for prizes in giveaways and competitions which you can promote on your company website.

Landing Page

If you’re looking to use promotional products to advertise your website, direct the traffic to a dedicated landing page. This way you can see how much of your traffic is being brought to you by your promotional products, to help you determine the campaign’s effectiveness and success, ready for next time.


A promotional product should be something your customers will reach for on a daily basis. For example, USBs, mugs and stationary are popular choices as they are small and convenient. But also consider how the design can be functional too, such as including a QR code to direct the user to your app or website instantly or adding a puzzle or special offer. This will add a point of interest to the product, making it more likely to be used and will continue to reinforce your brand.

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