TiPJAR®: Variable data printing for cashless tipping

Creating change in the hospitality industry with a revolutionary fair cashless tipping culture. A project that truly believes the users of these kits deserve the best chance to gain as many tips as possible. It couldn’t be simpler.

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A ‘tip-top’ cashless tipping project 

Award-winning cashless tipping app, TiPJAR®, got in touch with THEMPC about the design and fulfilment of onboarding packs for their new customers. They wanted to send personalised starter kits to each venue that had recently signed up to the revolutionary app.  

As we learnt more about the shape of TiPJAR®’s business, we identified ways we could support them further with our VDP (variable data printing) capabilities.   

How TiPJAR® works 

TiPJAR® allows individuals and teams to receive cashless tips directly from customers, then distribute them transparently and fairly amongst the team. 

  • Each venue signs up to the platform and gets their own unique QR code 
  • Customers’ bills are presented in a TiPJAR® wallet with a QR code 
  • They simply use the QR code to tip ‘Scan to tip’ 

TiPJAR® wallets also have NFC chips in them which are programmed for each venue to ensure the tips go to the right place.  

Making the most of a golden window of opportunity  

As reported by The Independent in June ‘21, “Nearly three-quarters (71%) of us think the UK is moving towards a cashless society…and one in three think this will happen in the next five years.” 

We wanted to help TiPJAR® make the most of this window of opportunity for their ground-breaking app.   

Going above and beyond the brief  

Many UK merchandise companies could offer TiPJAR® onboarding packs and general branded merchandise content. We stand out from our competitors by providing tailored solutions based on individual customer requirements.  

One example is our in-house Variable Data Printing process (VDP), which can personalise onboarding packs for each recipient. VDP printing has the flexibility to change text and images on printed marketing collateral on the fly, therefore it is ideal for unique QR code printing. 

We also noticed that the TiPJAR® card wallets used in venues had printed stick-on QR code labels, which could easily be removed or damaged.  

As a team we are always looking at how we can add value to a brief and go the extra mile for our customers. Our experts create unique concepts, turning them in to high impact marketing solutions. 

Using VDP, we printed QR codes directly on to their wallets with our in-house UV press. This gave the wallets a much sleeker and more durable finish. 

Angelique Carney, Head of Marketing at TiPJAR® commented:  

“We’ve been really impressed with the team at THEMPC and their ability to spot areas for improvement. Their suggestion to print QR codes to our wallets provided a much more attractive and longer-lasting finish. Upon seeing the sample, we immediately asked them to print 500 wallets with unique venue QR codes to replace our existing labelling system”. 

“They have also come up with some fantastic ideas for our onboarding packs which look extremely professional. We’ve been so pleased with these we have engaged them to work on further promotional packs for us.” 

Personalised fulfilment completes the service   

Once created, our fulfilment specialists compiled pack content tailored to each receiving venue. Contents included: 

  • Design and creation of unique QR codes for each venue 
  • NFC receipt wallets (programmed by us) 
  • Pantone-matched branded TiPJAR® lanyards 
  • ’Scan to tip’ QR code business cards 
  • Personalised vinyl window sticker for each venue’s front door  
  • Branded scan-to-tip strut card for display in bar areas and at exits 

Our team sourced every item in the pack, apart from the wallets which were supplied as plain stock by TiPJAR® for us to personalise.  

TiPJAR®’s trusted partner for onboarding packs and VDP  

Following this successful project, we became a trusted partner and have continued to collaborate on investor packs and seasonal kits. THEMPC can easily adapt our services for seasonal and specific events for our customers, even within tight deadlines. 

Make us your partner for niche fulfilment 

If you’re looking for a new way to target your audience and think personalisation could be the answer, our team would love to discuss your brief. Variable data printing, design and creation of QR codes for events or venues, NFC chip/QR code programming and specialist fulfilment are just some of our capabilities. Email sales@thempc.co.uk or call +44 (0)1256 352415. 

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