Branded Corporate Packs

Taking on new staff? Onboarding customers? Training? Holding an event? Launching a product or service?

Branded corporate packs can help you get your key message across in these contexts and many others. They should also present and promote your core values to customers, staff and suppliers.

Every company has their own unique culture so your branded corporate packs should reflect your company’s personality and values.  We can create branded corporate packs that clearly express your company identity.

At THEMPC, we’re known for our passionate and consultative approach to design, print and packaging. We’ll always go the extra mile to develop branded corporate packs that are tailored to your brand specifications and company message.

Impress with bespoke branded packs

Your organisation can use branded corporate packs to:

    • Impress prospects and leads
    • Welcome customers
    • Nurture and inspire staff, new and old
    • Reward and recognise achievement and success
    • Say thanks to valued staff, suppliers and customers
    • Share information with delegates on training days and at courses
    • Accompany product launches and marketing campaigns
    • Mark milestone moments

Endless possibilites

So, if you are looking for the following you have come to the right place!

    • Onboarding packs – To create the right first impression and welcome new customers or recruits.
    • Virtual event kits – Your event may be virtual but don’t miss the opportunity send your audience something to remember the event by.
    • Employee engagement kits – Effective employee engagement boosts moral, improves retention and gives teams another reason to love working for you!
    • Customer engagement kits – Boost brand experience and customer trust and loyalty with customer engagement kits.
    • Staff care packages – Reconnect by selecting a care package your employees will love and show them you care.
    • New product launch kits – Promotional product launch kits are essential to get your product information in the hands of your audience.  Target those who you want to see it most, rather than waiting for them to find it on their own.
    • Corporate Christmas gifts – Wow your customers or employees with Christmas gifts to give thanks and appreciation!  Show them you truly value them and Christmas tis the season of giving!

Getting your branded corporate packs just right

Our team of dedicated design and print experts will take time to understand the core values and key messages at the heart of your company culture. With that in mind, we will share with you the brightest ideas, hottest trends, and latest products on the market for potential inclusion in your branded corporate packs.

From sourcing to design and print, fulfilment to distribution, our team will manage the whole process for you and support you every step of the way.

Take a look at the wide range of packs we can create bespoke for you below or contact the team at THEMPC on 01256 352415 or to talk about your requirements for branded corporate packs.

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