Improved productivity, reduced absence, and increased staff retention are just some of the benefits of sending out staff care packages. 

THEMPC can design and produce a staff care package to help your employees find focus, reignite their spark, or simply rest and calm down. 

Popular items to add into staff care packages include: 

  • Desk tidy to reduce workspace and mental clutter
  • Plants or seed bombs to boost productivity and inspire optimism 
  • Relaxing candle, cosy blanket, bath bomb or sleep mist – rested minds are more productive  
  • Energising herbal tea and a company branded mug 
  • Books and magazines full of wellbeing tips 
  • A journal for goals, achievements and daily gratitude
  • Yoga mat to stretch out and reduce desk-based aches and pains 
  • Stress balls for difficult days 

A selection of items presented in a branded box or bag will set you apart as a thoughtful employer, especially for isolated homeworkers.

Make someone smile today

Let’s boost the mood and health of your team – and your business – with a staff care package. Tell us about your employees and brand values and we’ll design a bespoke wellbeing kit to meet your needs. 

Using our vast supplier networks, we’ll source only quality contents. Our in-house design team will then add your unique branding and personalisation to them, before handing over to THEMPC’s print and fulfilment team who will get them out to your happy staff. 

With streamlined processes and all capabilities under one roof, we’ll take care of everything so that the creation of staff care packages will be nothing short of zen-like for you.

* CIPD report, Health and wellbeing at work 2021: How organisations approach health and wellbeing in the private, public and non-profit sectors