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No more old lost merchandise in the store cupboard, it’s all about relevant top notch branding and unique quality items that you can call upon when needed. Whether that’s for new starters, events or customer campaigns. SwagOnline will keep you on top of your corporate merchandise saving time and money.

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Remote working has made marketing asset management challenging… 

Millions of businesses have moved towards remote working since the pandemic hit, with home and hybrid operations set to stay.

For the many companies that store their merchandise and marketing assets (A.K.A “swag”) on site, this poses a problem when campaigns need to be fulfilled, event collateral supplied, and other communications sent.

Swag boxes and other branded swag such as clothing and printed marketing collateral are such invaluable sales and communications tools. Lack of access to these leaves a serious chink in the marketing armour of any business. 

When our customers were faced with merchandise management fulfilment challenges during lockdown, they sought an outsourced marketing asset management solution that was both innovative and intuitive. 

Thycotic were one of these customers. Over 12,500 organisations worldwide, including Cisco, Honda and BP, use their PAM (Privileged Access Management) products, tools and resources. With staff and customers in The Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia, they have a vast and busy calendar of communications, events, and campaigns.

More recently, TiPJAR® have come onboard and are using SwagOnline to print their customer onboarding kits on demand. An order is placed on us and each item is printed with their customers unique QR codes on all their printed items in the kit. You can read more about the kits we create for TiPJAR® here. 

Accurate and prompt marketing collateral inventory management from remote locations might have seemed like the impossible task…until now. 

Meeting the demand for a game-changing merchandise management platform 

Luckily for Thycotic and other companies facing merchandise management challenges, a solution was on the horizon – SwagOnline. We built it in response to one too many stories about time and effort wasted on in-house merchandise management admin, now compounded by the complexities of a remote workforce. 

Our vision was for a merchandise fulfilment and management system designed to evolve over time – one that we could steer ourselves – enabling us to meet customer requirements in an ever-changing world. No “off the shelf” option was going to cut it for us or our clients. 

We have many years’ experience in outsourced marketing. Our marketing asset management insight showed us that SwagOnline needed to offer our clients all the efficiencies of an outsourced swag distribution system – yet be branded to feel like an in-house tool. 

“User-friendly” was our watchword:

  • Will it be able to handle unlimited products, so every single marketing asset can be listed?
  • Can access and/or budgets be allocated by departments/users based anywhere? 
  • Can you manage access levels so only selected products are visible to particular regions/colleagues?
  • Is it easy to navigate? 
  • Will stock updates happen in real time, including live basket updates? 
  • Is there full visibility of order tracking and progress?
  • Does it look good?

The answer to all these questions – and more – had to be YES. 

A one-stop shop for marketing collateral creation, asset management, storage, fulfilment and distribution 

THEMPC designed SwagOnline very carefully in collaboration with third party software developers. 

The system lets companies list and manage all their physical marketing assets in one place. They can access their account 24/7 to order collateral for events, marketing campaigns or customer giveaways, which our team then fulfils on their behalf. 

Developing a truly intuitive marketing collateral management system from the ground up to bespoke requirements took time. We went to great lengths to ensure that when the system went live it was able to handle multiple orders from multiple customers, without error or failure. 

With extensive user testing and amendments and improvements made along the way, we’ve made sure SwagOnline functions at optimum efficiency for the benefit of increasing numbers of customers. 

SwagOnline can be integrated quickly into any business. Following registration, we take control of cataloguing and uploading products, updating stock levels, setting up access, and training users.

Customers can ship their stock to us, ready for our team to deal with merchandise distribution for all orders as they come in. Alternatively, they can brief us on the creation of new assets, which we can design and produce in-house with our wide range of print facilities and then store on their behalf until it is needed.

A whole swag bag full of benefits for customers 

SwagOnline is up and running, offering businesses worldwide a marketing asset management system with many advantages:

  • A centralised, bespoke portal for merchandise management – more organised and time-efficient 
  • Easily send single products or kitted boxes to employees, customers or prospects worldwide in a few easy steps online, from anywhere, 24/7
  • Stock levels/inventory can be tracked in one place, in real time with automated low stock alerts
  • Sourcing, production, storage, fulfilment and distribution are streamlined 
  • Option for customers to have unlimited (or multiple) bespoke campaign pages created, enabling their target audience to claim their merchandise directly through a webpage 
  • THEMPC fulfils orders automatically within 1-2 business days if the items are held in stock
  • International shipments and associated customs documents are taken care of by our worldwide shipping experts  
  • Full data validation and GDPR compliance 

The state-of-the-art marketing resource platform we’ve created is helping more and more businesses regain control of their marketing asset management – to save them time, money and stress. 

Client Feedback 

“SwagOnline is a very intuitive and user-friendly platform – just like online shopping without filling in the credit card details. 

“It’s great to have all our merchandise in one place for the whole marketing team, so we can all be on the same page and have visibility of the items and orders that are coming through. CAMs have the freedom to decide what they want to send to a specific partner and all they need to do is get the order approved centrally, then it gets sent out. 

“Choosing what goes in our packages is so easy and the system is extremely flexible. One of the things that we like the most about it is the ordering process, where you can pick and mix different items to create your perfect merchandised box. 

“It’s also great to see the cost at the end of the transaction so you can get an idea on how much things will be.”

Choose SwagOnline and get back in the driving seat with your merchandise management. 

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your marketing collateral and campaigns, our team would love to show you how SwagOnline will solve your challenges. Email sales@thempc.co.uk or call +44 (0)1256 352415.

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