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i6 Group required a comprehensive UK fulfilment service to create, build and ship a variety of kits associated with their products. THEMPC offers i6 the complete service, from design & manufacturer of their packaging to storage, kitting, fulfilment and distribution. We understood their needs and provide a bespoke fulfilment service which includes the build and programming of devices delivering a top-flight fulfilment service for their worldwide operations.

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Aviation industry technology pioneers seek a fulfilment solution as their business takes off

i6 Group is revolutionising fuel management for the aviation industry by digitalising the entire fuel supply chain. Secure technology helps reduce both operational costs and carbon emissions. Clients such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and JetBlue use their platforms to track every fuel movement from fuel-farm to flight, in real-time.

Products from i6 Group cover a wide variety of aviation needs, from commercial fuel management, to fuel inventory and accounting, to software that helps the operational efficiency of both major and private airports. Over 150 airports utilise their industry-leading technology and more than 22 million tonnes of fuel have been optimised through their platform so far.

As such, there is an ongoing need to provide a range of hardware and other collateral to new and existing customers across a wide variety of locations.

With offices in Farnborough and Manchester, UK, two locations in the USA, and sites in Canada and India, i6 Group were facing a multifaceted fulfilment and distribution challenge as their business evolved…

Looking for the best UK fulfilment service on the radar

i6 Group required a comprehensive UK fulfilment service to create, build and ship a variety of kits associated with their products.

Originally introduced to THEMPC in 2016, we had previously collaborated with i6 in the early stages of their business journey. Although their first plan was for the hardware manufacturers to handle their worldwide and UK fulfilment operations, they knew we could provide the bespoke sampling, prototyping, and design of the kits as well as their distribution. With the confidence that we could meet their needs, they included us in their tender.

The brief was very specific about what they were looking for in a partner, so we detailed our ability to meet their exact requirements. Not only did they need our team to program their devices and physically build their kits, they required extensive shipping knowledge, including:

  • Packaging for international shipping
  • Actual vs. volumetric weights
  • Customs clearance declarations
  • Access to worldwide courier networks

Taking care of Bluetooth programming, IT programming, outsourced warehousing, and IT merchandise fulfilment

THEMPC offers a flexible and high-quality UK fulfilment service to complement our impressive portfolio of in-house design, print and production capabilities. Here’s how we got i6’s kits off the ground and into the hands of their delighted customers:

  • Completed training on how to programme kit hardware components as well as how to construct the kits themselves
  • Meticulously followed detailed pick lists because it was essential that the exact item type reached its specified location
  • Received stock from the manufacturer, catalogued it with stock locations and stored it appropriately and conveniently
  • Created a stock management system
  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Provided real-time reporting
  • Put every kit through a two-stage quality control procedure before shipping to guarantee accuracy

Celebrating a successful 5-year fulfilment partnership and a 100% accuracy score

THEMPC has been distributing kits for i6 Group for 5 years to date, providing them with many benefits, including:

  • Our fully comprehensive outsourced warehouse, fulfilment and distribution partnership allows i6 to focus on other aspects of their business, such as client relationships, while leaving the operations side of their business in our expert hands
  • 100% accuracy on all shipments has been achieved since day one of the contract due to our stringent internal QC processes, ensuring the satisfaction of i6’s customers
  • The bespoke service we offer i6 has had the flexibility to grow and evolve with them and they’re looking to start using our merchandise management system, SwagOnline, to streamline processes even further

“Using innovative packaging design and always-accurate kitting, THEMPC helped us supply hardware to customers across the world. Their in-house capabilities make their fulfilment solution super-flexible and scalable – and they help us navigate international shipping and customs with ease.” – Jessica Mann, Commercial Lead, i6 Group

Looking for a bespoke UK fulfilment service for your organisation? Contact us to find out more about our capabilities and to discuss your specific needs on 01256 352415.

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