TiPJAR® Web shop – Personalised print on demand

TiPJAR® wanted a completely outsourced digital and print solution allowing their customers to order personalised printed materials to promote TiPJAR® services within their venues. Utilising our software Platform, we have built them a solution which takes customers orders and payments using Woocommerce which sends orders direct to our print room for us to print & ship.

We offer a completely outsourced solution taking complete care of everything print for TiPJAR® and their customers.

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At the forefront of a revolution in digital tipping

Forward-thinking venues such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars want to create a fair and ethical workplace culture – and they also want to make tipping easy for their customers in an increasingly cashless word.

TiPJAR’s ground-breaking app is a digital peer-to-peer tipping ecosystem that allows people working in industries such as hospitality to receive cashless tips directly from customers, then distribute them amongst the team in a fair and easy way.

Each venue signs up to the platform and gets their own unique QR code. Customers’ bills are presented in a TiPJAR®‘wallet’ featuring that QR code, which they can simply scan to tip in just a few seconds.

With over 270,000 users, TiPJAR® is gaining popularity with brands across the UK, including BrewDog, Honest Burgers, Yard Sale Pizza and many more. In 2020, TiPJAR® won ‘Innovation of the Year’ award at the Restaurant & Marketer Awards. The app can also be used in other settings where tipping is commonplace, such as beauty salons and hairdressers.

Adding value with a marketing web shop

 TiPJAR’s pioneering spirit means they’re always striving to make their solutions even more efficient and customer friendly. With that in mind, they wanted to create a marketing web shop from which venues could order bespoke TiPJAR collateral for use in their sites, such as stickers, strut cards, business cards, and other information showing drinkers, diners and clients how to tip digitally.

We had an existing relationship with TiPJAR® because we were already creating onboarding packs for their growing customer base. They had first-hand experience of our extensive capabilities in design, personalised print, production and fulfilment of marketing and promotional items.

They were also aware of SwagOnline – the online merchandise management portal we invented to help companies streamline their marketing asset management. When the idea to launch an online store for TiPJAR® came up, we were keen to show them how SwagOnline’s functionality could be used to help create a bespoke web shop.

THEMPC would need to host the site but it had to be embedded in a TiPJAR® domain. It would need to be exclusive to TiPJAR® account holders, so verification would be required. Integration would need to be easy, whereby all a TiPJAR® customer would need to do is enter their unique TiPJAR® short code on purchase; automatically generating their venue’s bespoke QR code in the artwork e.g. print on demand cards.

All items ordered would need to be printed on demand by THEMPC and shipped out directly to the venue by us with no involvement necessary from TiPJAR®.

Technology + expertise = personalised print on demand for TiPJAR ® venues 

TiPJAR® wanted a completely outsourced digital and print solution. Here’s how we delivered it, incorporating SwagOnline with our in-house print and fulfilment services:

  • Discussed TiPJAR’s objectives and planned out the scope of the project in detail
  • Advised using a WooCommerce integration because it can take payments using Stripe and has the ability for users to use promo codes and discounts at the checkout
  • Purchased a new domain shop for their marketing web shop
  • Set up hosting of the site, to be managed on their behalf by THEMPC Limited
  • Produced creative ideas for layout and branding of the web shop, which would need to be accessible on mobile devices as well as desktop
  • Briefed website developers – the site needed a Java script code which feeds back to TiPJAR® to verify that the user has an active TiPJAR® account before they can checkout and pay
  • Synced TiPJAR’s WooCommerce site with our SwagOnline merchandise management portal, enabling streamlined ordering and production of personalised print assets
  • Uploaded all merchandise listings onto the TiPJAR® web shop, including images, descriptions and prices
  • Arranged the shipping costs so the customer only pays shipping based on the overall weight of all the items
  • Consulted with TiPJAR® at every stage to make sure they were informed about and happy with all the design, functionality and technical elements, supporting their digital campaign

Personalised print on demand fits the bill

SwagOnline and WooCommerce benefits have combined with THEMPC’s print capabilities to create a powerful solution for the TiPJAR® web shop, with the following results:

  • TiPJAR® venues can easily order bespoke printed collateral for their venues, 24/7
  • Print-on-demand means tailored results with no storage issues and less waste – venues simply order items as and when needed
  • Unique codes verify user authenticity and create personalised results quickly, easily and accurately
  • Added value and ease of use aids customer retention and strengthens TiPJAR’s position in their sector
  • Scope for TiPJAR® to expand their marketing web shop offering in the form of Foamex boards for musicians, lanyards for hairstylists and temporary tattoos featuring a unique QR code

Angelique Carney, Head of Marketing at TiPJAR® commented: 

“Here at TiPJAR®, we consider ourselves to be at the vanguard of digital tipping solutions – so we are always looking for ways to be faster, better, and slicker. Knowing that the sectors we serve operate in challenging times, we wanted to be able to offer them flexible personalised print on demand to complement all the benefits of the TiPJAR® app.

“THEMPC has helped us deliver a user-friendly web shop that saves our customers – and us – time, admin and fuss. This was, at times, a complex project but THEMPC overcame every challenge to deliver an impressive end result. Even better, they take care of all the print and fulfilment too – leaving us more time to focus on further innovations.”

Is your business looking for print on demand companies with the capabilities to develop a marketing web shop too? THEMPC is a UK print on demand expert and your one stop shop for all things personalised print. Contact us on 01256 352415 to find out more about our bespoke print, design and fulfilment services and SwagOnline.

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