Promotional Giveaway trends for 2019

We have seen so many more brands this year looking to refresh their promotional swag in 2019. Here we talk about the Promotional Giveaway trends for 2019 and why it’s a good idea to invest in quality swag to revamp your marketing spend and hopefully give you ideas for your SWAG in 2020!

What’s in store for 2020?

BUT before I do let me set the scene as December is all about stuffing our faces with festive food, pulling crackers, playing games and falling asleep in a chair with a slightly tilted paper hat on. We work ourselves up to this period all year don’t we? Whilst you may have pushed the ‘relax’ button thousands of companies have been busy planning for 2020 way before the Christmas decorations are even in the shops. It’s all about nailing their marketing strategy.

Securing a marketing strategy and the spend for it is crucial.  Looking back at 2019’s trends and working out how you will attract new customers, get repeat custom, managing events, improving brand recognition, the list goes on. We want to help you keep your brand on point and assist you with promotional merchandise and packaging to reflect your message as well as your values.

Customer Centric

Customers are at the heart of what we do and at THEMPC we want to understand the goals and needs of our customers. In 2019 we have helped so many customers fulfil their marketing plans, events and on occasions we’ve stepped in to help very close to the wire. We aim to offer the right product mix for your campaigns with something your clients will remember and talk about and share whether that be video brochures, tech gadgets, confectionery or stationery. No task is too big!

Give the planet a hug

What we found you guys are really passionate about is Eco-friendly goodies and how to get tactile giveaway items with a minimum impact on the environment. From Sprout pencils, Eco friendly pencil cases to re-useable drinks bottles. Reduce and reuse most certainly is the message for this year and this will continue well into 2020.  With the ban of plastic straws taking effect fully from April 2020, silicone, metal or bamboo straws have been on everyone’s lips (quite literally). If your brand demonstrates a clean image and a clear interest of the well-being of the planet this can trigger engagement.Therefore we continue to source items to please you as well as give a hug to our planet, after all there’s no planet B.

Silicon branded cups

On the go

On the go charging cables and power banks will continue to be popular as well as wireless charging. As the mobile industry moves so quickly you can only imagine what will be available in just a few years.  Last and by no means least the bluetoothear buds, apple have the monopoly on these with at only half way through the year selling 15.9 million of them. With other companies bringing out their own versions in various colours you can see why we all look like head phone clones now, walking down the road looking like we’re talking to ourselves.  BUT they are so much easier and caught on like wild fire, so long may it continue. We have the ability to personalise and brand the cases which make these a dead cert giveaway item.




Branded EarPods


Fitness Swag

With so many fitness accounts out there on social media it’s not surprising to learn that promotional fitness swag for these providers has risen too. Such items like sports bottles, caps, towels, tote bags and fitness clothing. We have seen a big number of Personal Trainers creating their own branded merchandise this year. It most certainly creates a community and a following.


Branded Tote Bag


Creating a creative edge to your marketing is also important to us if you require our input just say, this is why we like to understand your goals as well as your audience so that we can pull something brilliant together. Speak to our team about the year ahead and let us pop it in our calendar so we can assist you with your strategyand upcoming events.

Want help with making your SWAG relevant in 2020? Get in touch with us today!

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