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SFC Season Ticket

We worked very closely with the client’s marketing agency and internal creative team to develop a solution for season ticket packaging based on samples we had presented when pitching for the project a few months earlier.

In order to achieve the specific look required by the client we created a hybrid solution using coated and uncoated materials along with a mixture of branding solutions including lithographic printing and foil blocking.  The client had a very specific idea of what they wanted but as they were unfamiliar with printing terminology we developed the brief from reviewing previously manufactured samples.

Not only did we manufacture the season ticket packaging but we also produced the internal printed components, CD Roms and managed the fulfillment and packing on behalf of the client.

We worked very closely with the client to manage the final delivery and logistics

As we were working to a fixed deadline in preparation for the new Premier league season we had to be very strict with manufacturing timescales but at the same time we had to provide flexibility for last minute amendments to the internal printed components.

Due to the size of the consignment and also taking into consideration that the client didn’t have a fork-lift on site the finished project was split into 2 deliveries.  Both consignments were supplied with the addition of a fork-lift truck to aid delivery to the client.

This project was very well received by the client and more importantly the fans.  Social Media played a very big part in providing us with feedback on the final project and we never normally have the opportunity to interact with the final end-user.

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