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Promotional Mailer

A local distributor of electronic components approached us after we were recommended to them by a previous client. Their requirement consisted of a short run of 250 boxes containing promotional merchandise and printed material as part of an ongoing marketing campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to introduce and build interest in a newly launched data management solution, drive visitors to a custom built website where they could learn more about the products and services on offer and sign up for a consultation with a member of their dedicated sales staff.

The theme of the campaign was focused on problem solving and our client was looking for a unique and memorable way to portray this. We suggested including a rubiks cube as the main focus of the inner content. This rubiks cube would be branded with our client’s logo, website address and eye-catching imagery and would be the perfect size to be kept on the recipient’s desk whilst adding a bit of fun and interactivity to the project which our client loved.

The impact of the boxes and their content was paramount

As this marketing campaign would be aimed at prospective new customers the impact of the boxes and their content was paramount, so design and attention to detail were all important. Working closely with our client and following their brand guidelines we created a bright, contrasting outer design using a combination of their primary corporate colours to instantly grab the recipient’s attention and help build brand familiarity. To compliment this design and create interest in opening the box we used a solitary photo without text on the lid of the box, making it the focal point of the outer packaging.

To ensure the contents would be secure during transit and arrive as our client intended we chose a rigid, E flute material for the outer box with a custom made internal board fitment in which the rubiks cube was placed. Finally an A5, double sided, digitally printed leaflet which introduced our client and the solution they were offering was placed inside the box before it was sealed ready for delivery.

Once all 250 boxes had be produced, fulfilled and approved we delivered them to our client’s database using our in-house fulfillment team and mailing facilities. A few weeks later we received a call from our client saying how pleased they were with how the campaign had gone and that they had received a much better response rate than they were expecting. We have already begun work on the next stage of their campaign.

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