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Bespoke USBs

USB memory sticks are becoming more and more popular whilst prices for the memory remain consistent.  Although pricing is continually fluctuating and only generally valid for 7 days at a time, it isn’t just pricing that is important in the decision making process.  The question is more about relevancy and differentiation of the product.

We can even load your data content at source and each drive can also be partitioned and secured if required to keep the data relevant.

While there is a wide range of stock USB memory sticks in different shapes and sizes there really is no better way to differentiate yourself than to produce your own custom shaped USB which is individual to you and your business. When deciding on what memory stick to promote your business ask yourself “what is going to make my client choose to keep my promotional USB over that of my competitors?”

What should I consider when buying promotional USBs?

There are a number of things to consider when ordering USB’s and although the main factors are branding, memory size and style what also needs to be considered is the manufacturers lead-time.  USB’s can be produced within 7-10 days as standard but you can also elect for an express or economy option if price is an important factor in the decision making process.  If you can wait 4 weeks for standard USBs then you will save a considerable amount.

We love developing new and exotic bespoke USBs so please put us to the test and let us create something wonderful for your next promotional merchandise campaign.

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