When it comes to the long-term success of your business, customers and staff are the companions of prosperity.

Without employee engagement, productivity and performance can stall and slump. Thriving long-term relationships with customers are the key to maintaining a competitive edge today – and tomorrow. 

Brand incentives can help foster these two vitally important relationships for the benefit of your business. 

What exactly are brand incentives?

Loyalty and reward schemes are perhaps the most common examples of brand incentives. 

To recognise length of service or outstanding work, show appreciation for repeat custom, or celebrate milestones, you gift your staff or customers with branded merchandise such as reward scheme gifts and incentive packs. 

That might include practical items that they can use every day at home, work or play. Popular products are personalised and branded note pads, engraved pens, mugs and water bottles featuring your logo, power banks, or clothing and bags displaying your current strapline.

Alternatively, brand incentives could be luxury items such as champagne and glasses, an artisan coffee set, fine tea selection, or pampering and wellbeing products. 

Motivate your staff and customers

The benefits of brand incentives for staff

Talented employees are difficult to find. In today’s candidate-led job market, they can be even harder to hang on to.

As working practices go hybrid, encouraging motivation and connection is also an objective high on every manager’s list.

By sending brand incentives to your employees, you can:

  • Champion a culture of high performance
  • Retain top talent
  • Compel staff to exceed their goals
  • Improve company morale
  • Create a talking point that connects employees

Here at THEMPC, we’ve got the design and in-house production capabilities to create branded employee incentive packs that will show your staff how much you value them. That will encourage them to continue striving for success.

Encourage brand loyalty

Advantages of brand incentives for customers

Consumers are hungry for unique and meaningful engagements with brands. So, when your business wants to cultivate a solid brand-customer relationship and ensure loyalty, you need to connect with your customers in a memorable way.

Traditionally, customer engagement has been driven by advertising, PR and marketing. These days, personalised branded incentives are the way to create those touchpoints more effectively – reaching the hearts and minds of your most important audience.

Brand incentives for customers will:

  • Set your business apart from competitors
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Forge long-term brand loyalty
  • Generate positive reviews and referrals
  • Enable your business to collect data and insights for future personalised content

What’s more, engaged customers will talk about the branded products you’ve given them with friends, family and social media followers, providing your business with valuable, low-cost marketing.

THEMPC wants to help you create this talking point, so however wild your idea – we’ll do our best to bring it to life so that your brand gets noticed and remembered.

Make your brand a talking point

Brand incentives – created and delivered

Our experts will work closely with you to understand your company culture, customer journey and team dynamics. That insight will allow us to create bespoke branded goodies that are genuinely incentivising and appealing to your staff and customers.

Let us inspire you with the brightest ideas, latest trends, and coolest new products on the market.

As well as that creative spark, we’ve got the practical skills, equipment, contacts and experience to deal with your brand incentive project from end to end. We can handle it all for you from sourcing, design and print, through to fulfilment and distribution.

Check out this case study for an example of brand incentives we created for UKG’s customer advocacy programme, UKG Insiders.

Contact the team at THEMPC on 01256 352415 or info@thempc.co.uk to talk about your requirements for brand incentives.