Subscription boxes give people a monthly moment of letterbox joy and business is booming! Back in 2019 Royal Mail released The UK Subscription Box Boom Report and predicted that by 2022 the sector would be worth £1 billion. That means over 65 million boxes of consumables, tech gadgets and other merchandise delivered annually by next year!

The explosive growth for this sector has been the perfect mix of increased use of digital devices and eCommerce during the COVID-19 pandemic, low barriers to entry into this market and, arguably most importantly – the effective personalisation and fulfilment of subscription boxes.

However, one of the biggest challenges for subscription box fulfilment is finding reliable subscription box suppliers who can manage the entire operation seamlessly from start to finish. From sourcing, managing and warehousing stock, through to personalisation and shipping, it is a complex process.

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Connecting with your audience and increasing brand loyalty

In a world of decreasing footfall on the high street and fewer face-to-face interactions when shopping, consumers are looking to make connections in other ways. Personalisation can mean consumers selecting the products that best suit their needs such as beauty products for skin types, or it can mean bespoke personalisation on packaging to give the parcel a special touch. People like subscription boxes not only for ease, but for the tailored individual experience.

Little touches make a big difference to recipients’ engagement and loyalty to subscription boxes and can help against the ‘churn’ – the number of customers who become disengaged and cancel the service.

Subscription box fulfilment UK and beyond from THEMPC

Here at THEMPC we offer a comprehensive subscription box fulfilment service to help ease the time pressures that come with managing and despatching merchandise yourself.

Through a collaborative process, we can:

  • Design your branding and custom packaging
  • Manufacture your merchandise
  • Store your merchandise in our warehouse
  • Make-up and personalise the boxes, ready for despatch

You can use the full service as above or you can choose the services which you need our assistance with. For example, we can store your merchandise and fulfil the subscription box orders if you already have stock designed and made.

With our attention to detail and quality control, you can rest assured that your order fulfilment is in safe hands.

We are the hassle free solution

Stock management the smart way

It can be time-consuming keeping tabs on your entire stock inventory, ensuring you know exactly what you have in stock and which items are running low and need to be reordered. That’s why we have developed the perfect hassle-free solution.

SwagOnline is our centralised stock management portal for all of your assets and marketing collateral. At the touch of a button you can control:

  • Digital asset management
  • UK warehousing and logistics
  • International shipping
  • 24/7 ordering
  • Real-time stock management

Since its launch in February 2021, many of our customers have adopted the system to manage their orders. This has resulted in many benefits for them, including a significant reduction on the amount of admin time spent managing stock, enabling them to focus more on core marketing activities. We are currently processing in excess of 200 orders a week through the system.

Using the campaign functionality, clients can email a link to end-customers to select their own options for event packs, marketing merchandise and campaign kits, such as corporate Christmas gifts.

SwagOnline combined with THEMPC’s subscription box order fulfilment service is an easy and efficient way to manage your subscription box service.

Whether you’re looking at starting a new venture into subscription boxes for consumers or your employees, or you already run a subscription service, and need help give us a call 01256 352415 or email