Creating a new product involves a huge investment of time, energy, resources and cost. In the beginning, there’s market research, development of prototypes, testing, refining, and meeting regulatory requirements. Then there’s branding, packaging, and marketing. 

So, by the time it comes to actually launch your fantastic new product into the market – you want to make an impact. A large percentage of new product launches sink to the depths of insignificance because they don’t achieve a decent level of awareness. 

The right product launch kit can help elevate your brand above the competition and help your new product to fly high.   

Benefits of a product launch kit 

A successful product launch kit will create a buzz around your product and help you make a statement from day one. It can be used at launch events or mailed out as part of marketing or PR campaigns. Many businesses will use a product launch kit to train their staff on new products as well. 

Yes, it’s a way to tell people everything they need to know about the features and benefits of your product, but it’s also a prime opportunity to cultivate your brand image. 

Reaching out to existing customers or hot leads is always easier when you have something new to say. A product launch kit can help to open those doors and reignite conversations. 

In the age of the social media influencer, an innovative product launch kit is often your ticket to a level of product PR and brand exposure that money just can’t buy. Get noticed, snapped and shared by the movers and shakers in your industry – and get ready to see orders accelerate.

Take your product to new heights

How to hit the mark with your new product launch kit

The next big thing in cutting-edge tech? That tipple everyone’s about to start name-dropping? A beauty product waiting to enter the hall of fame? 

What you put into your new product launch kit depends on your market and demographic. However, as a new product launch kit production company there are a few essential items we recommend every brand puts on their checklist:

  • Personalised letter to the recipient to introduce your brand and product, or reconnect 
  • A brochure to tell the story of your product, explain how to use it, and highlight its features and benefits
  • Product samples – if it’s not practical to sample then encourage the recipient to book a virtual demo 
  • Ordering instructions e.g. web address, app name, list of stockists/suppliers, telephone number 
  • Invitation to follow you on social media and/or sign up for your newsletter, perhaps featuring an incentivised hashtag unique to your product, or a discount code 
  • Branded merchandise e.g. branded glass for a new beverage, tech gadget for IT 
  • Complimentary gifts – why not make them personalised? 
  • Trial sizes of related products that they’ll love 

Create excitement around your brand

A product launch kit success story 

THEMPC has many years of experience in the design, print, packaging, warehousing, fulfilment, and distribution of product launch kits.

Nobody likes a bad hair day, so earlier this year we were delighted to work with up-and-coming beauty brand SILKUP on their product launch kits, together with our sister company, The Packaging Experts. 

SILKUP creates silk products, such as hair wraps, for naturally beautiful hair and skin. They were looking for sustainable packaging to complement their products and brand image. 

We designed bespoke prototypes for them to consider, after which they decided on a stunning result. Once the artwork templates were ready, it only took 2 weeks for us to perfectly ‘coiffure’ 2,000 boxes and we provided them with extended services to manage the warehousing, fulfilment and distribution of their product.

What great news that SILKUP has been featured in Forbes, Evening Standard, Glamour and Good Housekeeping! Read more about our collaboration here.

Showcase your product in all its glory

Let’s get ready to launch 

When you need a product launch kit, our experts will meet with you to discuss your brand identity, the product features and what makes your customers tick. 

Combining that insight with our extensive expertise and in-house capabilities, we’ll provide a one-stop shop (but definitely not a one size fits all) tailor-made kit to your specifications. That can include packaging, personalisation, little extras, and printed collateral such as leaflets and booklets.

Need help with a product launch event? We can lend a hand with that, too. 

Call THEMPC on 01256 352415 or email to talk about your product launch kit requirements.