We only need to scroll through LinkedIn to see what impact we’re having on the planet – everyone’s talking about it. Brands are becoming more environmentally aware of the effects of single-use plastics and are looking for ways they can reduce their carbon footprint and create less waste.

With changes in the demand for promotional merchandise due to the lack of face-to-face events since the COVID-19 outbreak, organisations want something different from their marketing collateral and sustainability is a major consideration.

Products with purpose

We’ve seen an upward trend for branded items themed around personal care and wellbeing.  Companies are looking for items to reward employees and kits they can send to delegates when they host virtual events.

People are moving away from low market value plastic promotional items and choosing items with purpose and longevity. We’re all environmentally responsible for our actions and the choices we make and sustainable promotional merchandise is more popular than ever.

Sustainable items mean long-term exposure for your brand

Sustainable items mean long-term exposure for your brand

When it comes to promotional merchandise, people want quality. We’re seeing more and more customers choose higher value items with sustainable credentials over low value, high volume items.

Sustainable promotional merchandise demonstrates the ethical authenticity of your organisation. Marketing managers want an item with purpose, something that their customers and prospects can hang onto for longer providing their brand more exposure.

An Industry Today report says that, “About 58% of consumers will keep promotional giveaways for 1 to 4 years” and “45% of consumers use a corporate giveaway at least once per day” – another reminder that picking quality items is a must.

Send a greener message

Choosing sustainable promotional merchandise says your organisation is making an eco-conscious decision and your business will in turn attract like-minded customers and employees.

8 ways you can be more environmentally-friendly with your promotional merchandise:

  • Choose merchandise that’s recyclable – reducing landfill one bit at a time
  • Opt for items that are made from recycled materials – give what has been thrown away a second life, reducing waste
  • Think biodegradable – can the product and packaging be easily composted at home?
  • Go for sustainable promotional merchandise that’s been made in a solar-powered factory -solar energy is clean, efficient and reduces the carbon footprint of your organisation
  • Avoid toxins – order promotional merchandise made from safer materials that are less toxic to the planet
  • Embrace green technology – many promo items can be made in machines that have been designed to produce as little waste as possible, resulting in less landfill as well as being more cost-effective
  • Encourage re-use – show the recipient how an item such as a branded candle can be turned into a pencil pot when it’s finished

People want eco-friendly packaging solutions too; something easily recyclable or in a box with a creative secondary use

Be kind to the planet

There are so many options for environmentally-friendly merchandise. Materials like cork, bamboo and wheat straw can be used to make sustainable promotional merchandiseitems such as cups, cutlery, pens, sunglasses, and USBs. Giveaway items that support sustainable behaviour include reusable water bottles, which are not only brilliant for brand visibility,  they help people reduce their plastic waste.

Earth Day reminds us to explore sustainable merchandise options, from seed kits, to sprout pencils and  seed bombs. The trusted tote bag is always a winner because it can be re-used for picnics and shopping, so you’ll have an army of brand ambassadors walking the streets wearing your logo.

Sustainable packaging solutions

People want eco-friendly packaging solutions too; something easily recyclable or in a box with a creative secondary use. For a great example of this see Samsung’s sustainable cardboard TV boxes, that can be reused as a magazine rack, a coffee table and even a ‘cat castle’ – of all things!

Whatever your project or concept, THEMPC can help you make a positive change when it comes to sustainable promotional merchandise. Send a message showing your brand values with something that lasts and won’t negatively impact the planet.

Earth Day and beyond

Industry Today published an article on the next phase of business sustainability that says, “More than 90 percent of CEOs state that sustainability is important to their company’s success, and companies develop sustainability strategies, market sustainable products and services, create positions such as chief sustainability officer, and publish sustainability reports for consumers, investors, activists, and the public at large.”

Is your business part of this new wave of sustainability? Make every day Earth Day, make a change for the better with sustainable promotional merchandise.

We can source hundreds of sustainable items, ensuring they fit with your company image and message. Contact Jack or Donna on 01256 352415.