One year in, we are all feeling the effects of the global pandemic, not least in the world of marketing…

Many premises are shut and the possibility of face-to-face events such as corporate kick offs, festivals, product launches and trade shows is up in the air. Marketing professionals are having to rethink and innovate how they promote their brand, products and services, stay connected with their target audience, and achieve sales.

Research quoted by WARC says that 91% of survey respondents agreed that health and hygiene concerns will have an impact on their 2021 marketing plans. Reduced headcount and smaller budgets are other common issues.

As a marketing asset management system provider, creative solutions for marketing challenges are a regular topic of conversation here at THEMPC. We’re always coming up with ideas to help our clients overcome hurdles and meet their marketing objectives.

Here are 3 challenges that probably feel familiar to all you marketing managers out there right now

Visibility in a virtual world

The whole universe is embracing digital platforms – to sell, buy and communicate. What that means is it’s a noisy space. As a marketer, you must navigate this online world effectively to make your brand stand out, boost revenue and get your message heard.

Retailers must get smart about using eCommerce as more and more consumers switch to buying online. Some businesses have had to rely solely upon this option while most UK shops are still closed. How do you make sure your brand is staying relevant in this volatile climate? Marketing managers are looking to adapt to the ecommerce boom and deliver campaigns in a new way.

Delivery and packaging have become vital touchpoints for brands in 2021. Now that shoppers can’t head to a ‘bricks and mortar’ shop, they’ll use online content like social media influencer unboxing videos to help them decide where to spend their money. Your packaging and fulfilment now has to do some of the legwork that window displays and sales advisors used to do. So, don’t make it an afterthought.

In B2B industries, direct mail is experiencing a major resurgence as a way to ‘physically’ get your name in front of your prospects and clients. We have seen many customers execute direct mail campaigns to their target audience and catch them on the hook. However, the right mailing data is crucial with so many people working from home. 

Avoiding zoom doom and staying connected

Technology has enabled businesses to keep operating – but on the flipside millions of people now suffer from screen fatigue. Employees might need help to stay motivated – and to stay healthy. Staff wellbeing packs are a kind way to inspire staff and show you care about their mental health, as well as their physical wellness.

THEMPC can create bespoke packs for relaxation, fitness, or just to chill with a branded cosy cinema night to share with their family.

You can also send out packs for team meetings and work social events, using them to create a feeling of connection within a remotely based workforce. There’s a wide range of marketing merchandise products available for people to appreciate and enjoy together virtually. With so many sharing their ‘work from home giveaways’ on social networks, activities like these can create a powerful connection between staff.

When it comes to prospects clients, a virtual meeting environment doesn’t have to mean you can’t make the same impact as if you were meeting in person. For example, breakfast briefing hampers could be sent to the client in advance to leave a memorable impression on them.

With our new collateral management portal we truly act as an extension of your business

Streamlined marketing asset management

More direct mail and campaigns means more admin and organisation – which can eat time and zap energy. What’s more, it’s nearly impossible to manage the fulfilment of campaigns when you’re working from home, right?

Listening to the woes of marketing managers, with their offices closed, remote teams and marketing collateral stuck in locked offices, we got to work developing a marketing asset management system to keep their campaigns going strong: SwagOnline!

SwagOnline is a software suite designed to take the administration burden of campaign fulfilment off you, giving you back precious time to focus on your marketing objectives. Here at THEMPC, we can arrange for stock of your marketing assets to be delivered to us, or we can create a new range of collateral and merchandise and store that in our warehouse facility.

We then catalogue your stock and upload each line to our SwagOnline system, a bespoke portal for you and your contacts to access and request items from. Our hard-working team will then pick and ship the items directly to where they’re needed.

Now, more than ever, your marketing merchandise is how you will be remembered, so make the most of every opportunity – with impact and with ease. Manage the production, fulfilment and distribution for those all-important campaigns with SwagOnline, the marketing asset management system. Call us on 01256 352415.