Too many balls in the air

Does managing your marketing assets make you feel more like a juggler in a circus than a marketer? You aren’t the only one…

What is a marketing asset?

Marketing assets might include promotional merchandise (SWAG), promotional clothing, printed brochures and collateral, event stands, pull-up banners and much more…

Your business likely uses them to raise brand awareness, to attract new customers or reward existing ones, within subscription boxes, as giveaways at events, for new employee onboarding, and for many other activities and campaigns…

Perhaps you use one supplier to produce your branded company pens and notebooks, another one for event clothing, and yet another for exhibition stand design and exhibition stand storage…

Soon enough, your extensive catalogue of contacts becomes a recipe for chaos, and it can be difficult not to drop the ball.

What if there was a single platform that could simultaneously purchase, manage, store, and distribute your marketing assets in an outsourced, automated, scalable way? And wouldn’t it be great if the system could generate your artwork too!

There is now a solution to manage the logistics of marketing assets without the headaches!

SwagOnline – a smarter way to manage your marketing assets

As experts in outsourced marketing, we were hearing too many nightmare stories from companies juggling multiple suppliers to produce various assets across numerous channels. They were losing time and money. Particularly when it came to exhibition planning and corporate event planning, errors and delays were sometimes risking their brand reputation, too.

We decided to make their jobs simpler and their processes stronger by designing a complete marketing asset management platform and service. So, SwagOnline was launched.

It’s a centralised, bespoke portal for merchandise management; a one stop shop, all under one roof. Users can see all their physical marketing assets listed in one place and get 24/7 access to their account to order collateral for events and campaigns.

THEMPC can store your collateral and assets for you, so whenever you place an order via SwagOnline, our distribution and merchandise fulfilment experts will pick, pack and dispatch those orders on your behalf.

With a wide range of in-house design, print and production capabilities, we can create or amend your marketing assets here too.

Take these tasks off your ‘to do’ list

SwagOnline will revolutionise the way you and your colleagues manage your marketing assets, allowing you to work smarter whilst maintaining full control and visibility of your marketing collateral inventory.

No longer will you need to:

  • Research companies from which to order your items, raise multiple orders and process payments to various suppliers
  • Co-ordinate delivery of items drop-shipped to your office, ensuring they all arrive from different suppliers in time
  • Find space to store everything, especially in the run-up to big events or launches when all those additional marketing assets can become a major trip hazard
  • Package and fulfil giveaway packs
  • Get your head around global shipping requirements, customs rules, duties and taxes
  • Spend time doing arduous marketing collateral inventory management tasks like stocktakes – SwagOnline tells you exactly what’s available ready for your next campaign

Need an extra pair of hands to set up an event? You can count on us for that too.

A system to help you work smarter not harder!

More freedom, greater flexibility

Think of SwagOnline as a marketing asset management ringleader, acrobat, contortionist and magician rolled into one. There are so many inspiring ways it can be adapted to suit the unique marketing asset management needs of your business, such as these:

  • Allocate your salespeople with their own budget with which to send clients and prospects bespoke items to say hello, welcome or thanks via SwagOnline
  • Empower all teams to get proactive about using marketing assets as a tool to engage key audiences and drive brand awareness
  • Help your exhibition planners and corporate event planners incentivise registrations by using SwagOnline to create a branded webpage, as well as to coordinate pre-event goody bags and post-event communications
  • Save money and reduce waste by reusing pull-up banners, exhibition stands and cassettes, but adapted with new graphics for each event. We can design, print, ship, collect and restock these artwork variations for you using SwagOnline

Any physical asset which you produce to promote your business we class as a marketing asset and we can manage them all for you, freeing up your time and energy for other tasks and responsibilities.

Simplified and consolidated marketing asset management is just a phone call or email away.

Call our friendly team today on 01256 352415 to learn more about managed merchandise services from THEMPC and the wonders of SwagOnline.