Corporate gift boxes, which are sent from companies to welcome new workers or reward and support existing staff, surged in popularity during the pandemic. Long after lockdown, they’re still a big hit with businesses across a diverse range of sectors.

Big brands continue to invest in the power of a wellbeing gift box

One look around THEMPC’s merchandise design, print and fulfilment hub in Hampshire certainly proves that corporate gift boxes are not just a passing trend.

Welcome box experts here at our international promotional and branding firm have been busy creating employee gift boxes for brands such as drinks giant PepsiCo, recruitment firm Reed, Italian restaurant chain Prezzo, games developer Midoki, multinational technology distributor Tech Data and accountants MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

Rise in corporate gift box orders boosts THEMPC’s revenue by 25%

Interest in so-called ‘SWAG’ boxes has remained high despite the end of enforced home working. We’ve witnessed a 25% increase in company revenue, as businesses continue to recognise the importance of showing their workforce they care.

By sending out a welcome pack for new employees, a mindfulness gift box, a personalised Christmas gift box or other types of corporate gift boxes, businesses can:

  • Demonstrate thoughtful company values
  • Welcome new hires warmly
  • Communicate important information for employee onboarding
  • Promote staff health and wellbeing
  • Energise employees and engage them with business objectives
  • Help reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Recognise and reward achievements
  • Say thanks or celebrate a seasonal holiday, anniversary or birthday

Chad Smith, Engagement Manager at Prezzo - “We’re delighted with the results and the feedback from new starters has been super-positive.” 

Emma Marsh, who co-owns THEMPC, said:

“Staff wellbeing is much more important to employers because of our pandemic experience, and we think that’s partly why these gift boxes remain so popular. We get enquiries daily from businesses and their HR departments to help create packs to treat talented staff, or design onboarding solutions to wow new recruits and make the most of that first impression.

 “We’ve produced corporate gift boxes with everything from speciality roasted coffee and mugs through to branded fitness accessories and HIT workouts printed in the box, and one customer challenged us to create a kit for pancake day.”

A new marketing asset management system facilitates demand with ease

More than half of THEMPC’s revenue during 2020 and 2021 was from onboarding boxes, employee wellness boxes, ‘keeping in touch’ packs and virtual event packs, in response to home working during the pandemic.

THEMPC managed this increased demand for gift boxes and other printed assets by launching SwagOnline, a marketing asset management system for clients who need print and merchandise created, stored and shipped on demand.

Customers have access to their own user-friendly merchandise portal, which some call their SWAG store, with 24/7 access to view stock levels and order what they need, when they need it.

Previously, clients tended to buy branded merchandise in bulk, store items themselves and distribute assets at trade shows and company events. SwagOnline streamlines the process and print-on-demand makes it more sustainable.

SwagOnline also supported the move to more remote and hybrid working because many of THEMPC’s customers no longer had a single central location or access to traditional marketing store cupboards for promotional assets.

Clients comment on the success of corporate gift boxes…

Games developer Midoki worked with THEMPC to create a gift box for new starters that included a drinks bottle, stationary and a pirate figurine from one of their games for a playful twist.

Daniel Martinez-Normand, Art Director & Co-Founder at Midoki, said:

“During the pandemic we moved to a hybrid team, with some people working in the office and some working remotely full time. Having a nice welcoming pack for new employees was critical as we wanted them to feel welcome and part of the team and our culture.

“THEMPC guys designed a bespoke swag box for us, helping us source the best items, and organising the logistics of sending them to the whole team. And the feedback from the team was fantastic. The pack has the same vibes as our office decoration, from the colours to the selection of items, and it’s a nice reminder that we are still a team, even if we might not be in the same location.”

Italian restaurant chain Prezzo also commissioned THEMPC to create onboarding kits complete with branded pizza cutter, chef’s hat and apron.

Chad Smith, Engagement Manager at Prezzo, said:

“Encouraging our teams to deliver the best possible service every day is key to our success. We believe that starts from day one.

“THEMPC took the time to learn what makes Prezzo special and incorporated that knowledge into high-quality onboarding kits, featuring useful, sustainable items. Their communication was second to none and they consulted us every step of the way.

“We’re delighted with the results and the feedback from new starters has been super-positive.”

Daniel Martinez-Normand, Art Director & Co-Founder at Midoki - “THEMPC guys designed a bespoke swag box for us, helping us source the best items, and organising the logistics of sending them...the feedback from the team was fantastic."

Your bespoke corporate gift box wish is our command

THEMPC specialises in creating high quality branded merchandise, such as welcome packs, corporate goodie bags for events, client and employee onboarding and broader marketing campaigns. The service includes campaign management, design and manufacturing, as well as storage for assets and picking, packing and distribution to clients globally.

Emma Marsh from THEMPC concludes by saying:

“In every case, we strive to create corporate gift boxes that feel special and convey a sense of the company’s culture. The contents are always bespoke.”

Trust THEMPC to go the extra mile and make the most of your investment in corporate gift boxes. To talk to us about your requirements, call 01256 352415.