Sending out promotional products can be a fantastic way of raising brand awareness and increasing product sales, but how you package the item can have a significant impact on whether you achieve your goals. After all, if it doesn’t speak to your target audience or stand out against competitors, you can’t expect to make much of an impression.

How can you make sure that your promotional product packaging achieves its purpose?


1. Make sure it speaks to your target audience

When designing your promotional product packaging, think about your target audience and what would appeal to them most. Are you targeting people aged 40+ by going for a sleek and sophisticated feel? Or are you hoping to attract women in their 20s who have a high level of disposable income? From colour and packaging material to wording and graphics, each element of your packaging contributes to the overall feel and whether it’s appropriate for your target audience.

2. Stand out against competitors

Why be the same as everyone else? Your promotional product packaging can be a fantastic way of making your product stand out from the crowd, so make sure you utilise it well. Creating promotional packaging that looks like your competitors could mean that your brand blurs into the background.

3. Stay consistent

Although it’s important to make sure your packaging stands out, it’s also key to bear in mind that it should also be consistent with your existing branding and messaging. This is because despite wanting to attract attention, you still want the packaging to be recognisable as your brand and to accurately reflect its ethos.

4. Keep it functional

Design aside, promotional packaging needs to function properly. From protecting products to opening and closing effortlessly, getting the packaging mechanics right is key. It’s no good investing in packaging that means your promotional items arrive with their recipient damaged – this could cost your reputation as well as a broken product.

5. Make sure the packaging increases perceived value

When your recipient receives a promotional product that’s packaged in high quality materials, it’s likely to increase the likelihood that the product is kept and used as well as increase its perceived value. On the other hand, packaging that’s cheap and flimsy can give a negative impression of your brand and end up in the bin quicker than you can say ‘promo’.

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