You may think “why do we need that” when it comes to packaging for your products, promotional merchandise or marketing campaigns. The truth is packaging can add that tactile WOW factor that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Gifts presented in nice packaging is the eye candy to the consumer and in turn will be taken home to ENJOY. It will form a way to remember the event and if done correctly will create the lasting positive impression of your brand.

Making your packaging with a secondary use, rather than being thrown away acts as another way to attract the buyer. This works well for a product you want customers to trial at home or carry the item around in. Colour draws eyes in and creates emotions around the product and how they associate you in the market place. Market your product with a hashtag so people can snap your product at home and join a customer community. It builds customer loyalty and hype behind receiving the packaging as well as the unwrapping experience. Meaning more and more people see the packaging and items being received, it’s like the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’.

The unboxing experience plays a big part, consider a ribbon or a nice opening and closing mechanism.  A simple printing technique on the outside or an unusual pattern or message on the inside for that unexpected WOW! The touch and feel of the box will also speak to your audience and be a talking point. We have recently assisted a customer with a self-closing box where the lid slides back down.

We can offer bespoke packaging for your campaigns built around your content or theme and audience. Here at THEMPC Ltd we can add an extra touch with personalised boxes for each person or company. Now wouldn’t that go down well?

Inviting customers to an event?  What about sending them a presentation box with their invite inside?

Forget an envelope, what about a box with their invite inside?  This would work well for existing clients where you have a new product or an invite to a launch, we call this a ‘golden ticket approach’. When you want your VIP’s to see it first, this is a great way to present the information to them. Finding the unexpected inside with a well written message, a sample or voucher is a nice touch too.

PR packs will give journalists a good idea of your brand and your style. Think quality instead of quantity, these packs are in the hands of journalists which are the best hands to fall into for ultimate word of mouth marketing.

Finishing Touches to stand out and WOW your audience

Having your branding and logo whether it’s understated or highly visible on your packaging is an absolute must and there are various ways we can advise on this from blind debossing or foiling both of which add a touch of elegance to the packaging. If you have a campaign in mind and would like to discuss your brief with us, we would love to discuss this with you. Production is at the heart of what we do and we get excited about your packaging as much as you do.

So whether it’s a new product, special event, staff or clients gifts consider what the packaging will do for you and your brand awareness.

For all you event merchandise and packaging we can provide you with a full cohesive branding experience all under one roof.