With the UK in lockdown yet again, many companies will be embracing online platforms for their sales kick-offs and annual conferences in 2021 and looking for virtual event packs to make their brand stand out.

Hosting your event virtually means everyone can attend easily and safely, but how will you make an impact on delegates when you’re not in a face-to-face environment?

When you’re planning for a virtual event, you’ll need to give extra thought to how you’ll recreate all the buzz of a real-life occasion when the atmosphere is so different this year…

Welcome drinks, presentations, launches, demos, networking, awards, and entertainment can be made so much memorable with the help of promotional products.

The benefits of promotional products for your virtual events!

Since the COVID-19 outbreak changed the way most events happen, physical kits to support virtual conferences, exhibitions and kick-offs are certainly a trending must-have.

THEMPC can create a virtual event pack designed to your unique specifications and tailored to your brand, with the following benefits:

  • Stand out from your competitors and stay memorable, even after the event has finished. According to a 2020 survey by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 57% of consumers who own promotional products have kept them for more than 5 years
  • By sending events packs in advance, you’ll give your guests a friendly reminder to show up to your virtual event
  • Receiving a surprise delivery before the event creates a positive feeling towards your brand, making attendees feel part of something special and important

These packs aren’t just for virtual events but can be delivered as a welcome to new starters and clients, used as part of the onboarding process, or as a thank you for hard work and loyalty.

5 virtual event pack ideas

Stuck for ideas? We have curated countless virtual event kits, bringing hundreds of delegates and colleagues together, so let us inspire you with some items you could include in yours…

1) Welcome drinks – perhaps an energising coffee selection and branded mug with some fancy biscuits? Or a branded glass and coaster with beer or fizz for the evening? Add an air of anticipation with labels saying, “Do not open until…”

2) Goody bags – when delegates aren’t able to wander the exhibition hall and fill their boots with giveaways, fill them a branded tote with information, treats and practical items instead! Think about including items from event partners. For example, if you’re an IT reseller.

3) Snack hampers – since a gala dinner is out of the question, beat that screen fatigue with edible treats (don’t let your guests get distracted from all those online sessions by growling tummies). If you’re in the food and beverage sector, this is a brilliant way to showcase what’s new on your product menu.

4) Thank you gifts – include a parting gift to show your gratitude for attending. Items with longevity might include a luxury personalised notebook and pen, water bottle, and/or a wireless phone charger.

5) Branded clothing – encourage attendees to wear this year’s event and logo design to create a feeling of community, in style!

Whatever your theme, we’ve got the creative skills and practical expertise to make it happen.

Why choose us for your virtual event packs?

Events take a lot of time and resource to organise and that’s no less true when they’re virtual! We appreciate that you might be facing the additional challenge of tackling this task when your staff are working remotely, or some may be absent or furloughed.

Take some leg work out of event merchandise by leaving it to our experts. We can fully source, fulfil and deliver kits for virtual events to your attendees. These event packs can be as big or small as you like, just speak to our team about your next event and we’ll create and print everything in time for the occasion.

Let’s build enthusiasm for your event and engagement with your brand using the power of virtual event packs. To talk to us about your requirements today, call 01256 352415 or email info@thempc.co.uk