With so many people happy to see the back of 2020, 2021 will continue to bring new ways of working and new marketing ideas to grow our businesses. Here we talk about the Promotional Giveaway trends for 2021 and why it’s a good idea to invest in creating the full package to get in touch with people when you can’t in person.

Onboarding kits

Employers really are expected to impress new starters with their onboarding process and it goes a long way in retaining employees long term. Make sure they have the welcome they deserve despite Covid-19 restrictions, onboarding kits make them feel valued and part of the team from day one. These kits can be corporate and fun injecting the companies sense of humour as well as company values into them. They are sure to surprise the recipient involving them in a unique unboxing experience with items such as their new laptop and bag, phone, stationery, headphones, office mug, clothing, puzzles and desk snacks. Making it a memorable day with content that stands out is what it’s all about. I can see the smile on their face already.

Reach out to staff, customers and prospects to remain in the forefront of their minds with branded SWAG

Work from home collection

When many of us were told to work from home, there was no doubt a lot of adjusting and shifting round of rooms, tables and chairs in homes over Britain. The ‘work from home collection’ was born with companies wanting to reach out to staff, customers and prospects to remain in the forefront of their minds and to let them know we’re connected. The beauty of these kits is they are suitable and adaptable to all industries. We have created Corporate care packs, Snack attack packs, Survival packs and baking kits to get the kids involved. We know lockdown this time round isn’t ideal with juggling home schooling, work, trying to stay fit and healthy in the grim winter weather but these boxed up gestures are what we all need right now. Warning though you may find you will have to fight people in your household for it!

Virtual event kits

With most events being cancelled it calls for all things virtual so these kits are now in high demand. Creating an engaging virtual event to ‘wow your audience’ will require more than just one promotional product. Whether you’re planning an event for fun or you have 100’s of delegates for the annual sales kick- off. We have the capabilities to reach whichever level you require, making your teams engaged and prepared for the event. We have created packs for a breakfast club, afternoon tea, essentials for online learning and drinks with colleagues and in December we created Christmas boxes to replace a company get together.

Update your teams work wardrobe with some stylish branded garments!

Out & about

With lockdown 3.0 currently in force getting out for exercise is vital, yes that means even if it is raining, so a branded brolly will be a great addition to this style of kit. Why not create a series of items together like a beanie hat, gloves, headphones, thermal cup and a snack bar. Working from home has definitely toned down the work wardrobe too, we can inject some corporate workwear into your team with extra layers such as branded hoodies, bandanas, branded face masks or polos. They can use them for work calls, event days or that daily stroll.

Stay safe all and keep smiling.

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