If your business delivers marketing assets and merchandise to destinations overseas, you might have experienced a few headaches since Brexit…

EU-UK trade rules have probably had you up to your eyeballs in customs and duties paperwork. Your event collateral checklist might feel overwhelming. Deliveries to European events, offices, remotely based staff and clients may be getting stuck at borders. Unexpected shipping costs and taxes on event marketing collateral or merchandise could have taken you over budget.

Burdened with complicated and unfamiliar requirements, resulting errors and delays might have cost you time, money and your reputation. For example, nobody wants to turn up at the biggest exhibition on the industry calendar – or a much-anticipated product launch – and discover all their event assets are stuck in a customs depot somewhere.

A UK printing company with international expertise

Well, you can now say goodbye to all that stress and uncertainty because THEMPC has opened an EU distribution hub. From our fully-equipped European operations hub in Munich, we can produce and distribute printed assets inside the EU.

A new German location within the European Union allows us to quickly and easily produce and dispatch marketing assets locally, so your business avoids heavy customs and duties charges that you would otherwise incur now that the UK has left the EU.

Breathe a sigh of relief about processes and documentation. We’re UK printers but our shipping expertise isn’t just domestic, we’re experts in international merchandise management and swag distribution too.

THEMPC awarded ‘STRONG’ Plimsoll rating

THEMPC is rated as ‘STRONG’ by Plimsoll, a renowned provider of market analysis and intelligence across a huge range of sectors internationally.  Plimsoll has assessed the UK’s largest 332 print management and our “STRONG’ rating is the highest accolade awarded, illustrating the calibre of our expertise. This rating shows we are well placed to succeed in 2022, and this will be further strengthened by the launch of our new EU hub.

Say goodbye to the headaches of customs & duties charges when delivering your marketing assets into Europe thanks to the successful launch of THEMPC Europe operations hub!

Just tell our UK-based Account Managers what you need 

We design, source, print, and fulfil countless orders for event and other merchandise every week, so we have in-depth knowledge of shipping requirements across EMEA locations.

Our EU distribution hub reduces the need for some export and import paperwork but if any is required it’s all in day’s work for our team, so you can just leave it with us.

Deliveries to EU destinations will be as seamless as they are within the UK for all your orders. That includes everything from print to clothing and packaging – basically any merchandise items you need for events, exhibitions, marketing campaigns, product launches, sales kick-off meetings, onboarding, training courses, teambuilding days, employee wellbeing and much more.

Customers that use our European hub will still deal with our UK-based account managers, who have a comprehensive understanding of all the UK–EU trade rules. No more scratching your head or nasty surprises wrapped up in red tape, they’ve got it all in hand.

Save time, money, stress and the planet

So, anything you can buy through THEMPC UK, we can now source, supply and ship within Europe from our new hub in Munich, Germany.

 Your business will benefit as follows:

  • Supply assets and merchandise into the EU without any custom duties or paperwork
  • Get your marketing assets to European destinations quicker
  • One familiar point of contact in the UK
  • A single, simple invoice for your accounts team
  • Everything ships directly from Munich, reducing the carbon footprint of your business

SwagOnline makes EU distribution of marketing assets EVEN easier

SwagOnline gives you a centralised stock management portal for all the marketing collateral you need to send to prospects, customers, resellers or end users in the UK or overseas.

You’re still in control of user access and budgets – but THEMPC handles all the stock management and fulfilment of marketing assets on your behalf.

The system can even be used by authorised partners and customers, giving them direct access to order your collateral as and when they need it. For example, if your business is based in Basingstoke but a French re-seller needs to order sales merchandise on a regular basis.

Our UK team will source, supply and ship within Europe offering our customers the same customer service experience and quality marketing assets throughout Europe

A local business with a global presence

Paul Marsh, Managing Director of THEMPC, comments:

“We pride ourselves on being a local business with a global presence – and on always going the extra mile to make our customers’ lives easier. Our newly established EU distribution hub allows us to produce and distribute assets inside the EU and save our customers paying extra duties and taxes on products we distribute to EU destinations.”

Hassle-free EU distribution and marketing asset management is just a phone call or email away.

Contact our experts today on 01256 352415 to learn more about THEMPC’s EU distribution hub and discover how SwagOnline could make your job easier.