When you’ve invested time and money in advertising for, interviewing and hiring fantastic new talent to come and join your company, their first days in the role are your big chance to prove to them that they’ve made a smart career move. Effective onboarding is crucial.

A brief introduction over Zoom or a whistle stop tour of where the loos, teabags and fire escapes are located is not going to cut it. In an experience-driven world with a greater emphasis on wellbeing at work, people are looking for connection, camaraderie, and a comfortable workspace with the right vibe – not just a pay check. 

73% of all adults surveyed said they would not apply to a company unless its values aligned with their own personal values 

Research says culture matters 

Over half of the respondents to Glassdoor’s Mission & Culture Survey revealed that company culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction. 

73% of all adults surveyed said they would not apply to a company unless its values aligned with their own personal values. 

Employee welcome kits are a powerful tool that many organisations use to communicate their core values and brand ethos during the onboarding stage – helping new people to feel a part of the team from the get-go.

Effective onboarding encourages staff retention

Statistics compiled by Click Boarding indicate that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience positive onboarding. What’s more, new employees who went through a structured onboarding process are 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years.

Glassdoor’s research also says 77% of adults believe employers are becoming more mission-driven to retain talent, which suggests there’s an expectation there for a little TLC from the company they work for.

The events of 2020/2021 and the increase in remote working make it even more vital to nurture employee relationships from the early stages onwards.

77% of adults believe employers are becoming more mission-driven to retain talent

What to include in employee welcome kits

With all these figures in mind, you’ll recognise that your business needs a game-changing onboarding strategy to hang onto those bright new stars you’ve just hired. Bespoke employee welcome kits are a highly effective way to demonstrate your mission and company culture, as well as to show your new staff how much you value them. 

But what should you include? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Welcome card from their new team to wish them good luck in the job
  • Employee handbook covering all the basics 
  • Organisation chart featuring names, faces and important contact details 
  • Branded notepad and company pen for making training and induction notes 
  • Personalised branded water bottle or mug, perhaps featuring your company strapline or a motivational quote related to your ethos
  • Laptop bag with your logo on it, or in your company colours 
  • Branded clothing – so they don’t have to worry about the dress code for those all important zoom calls!
  • A desk plant – they can watch it grow as their career flourishes with you 

Why not present your employee welcome kit in a branded box with your company values printed inside the lid, or pop them in a nifty branded canvas tote?

Bespoke employee welcome kit production

Fusing our expertise in design, print and packaging, THEMPC can tailor a bespoke employee welcome kit to match your unique brand specifications and company message.

Just ask Reading recruitment specialists YOH, who approached THEMPC to create an onboarding solution for new starters joining their business in 2020. For a company like this, who are specialists in attracting and retaining talent, it had to have the wow factor.

In enthusiastic response to their brief, we sourced a range of brand-appropriate products that worked together, as well as the box. Our in-house designers developed options with high impact and because we have specialist capabilities all under one roof, we were able to print, cut, and construct YOH’s employee welcome kits with minimal fuss and maximum flair.

Make the first impression the right impression. THEMPC is a promotional and branding company based in Basingstoke and we would love to design, produce and distribute your employee welcome kits. Contact our expert team today to discuss your requirements.