Promotional Gadget Giveaways

You only have to take a look around you on your morning commute to see that technology is at everyone's fingertips.  With technology developing all the time it’s no wonder technology gadgets are increasingly becoming the popular choice for business gifts. They are practical, desireable and perceived as high value giveaways. But what will make your...
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Five Marketing Essentials for Your Next Exhibition Appearance

Exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to promote your business. In a room filled with potential customers, there is no excuse for not pulling out all of your best resources. Professionalism is key and you cannot portray that without a passionate brand and excellent marketing. Ready for your next exhibition appearance, here are our 5 key marketing...
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Print Management

Print management can mean different things to different people and so let us tell you what print management with THEMPC looks like. Our team have a wealth of knowledge around printing, we will be able to make recommendations on the type of printing process you should use and ensure we pick the right printer for the...
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The Benefits of a Branded Company Uniform

Brand identity is built upon all of the physical elements of your business, used to represent your brand. Stationery, signage and most importantly a branded company uniform are just a few examples of creating brand identity. Your company uniform is the face of your brand, as it’s the first thing customers and clients see when searching...
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Using Promotional Products to Tie in With Your Web Design and Branding 

Promotional products are a highly effective marketing tool for brand recollection. Giving away promotional products to potential customers can be helpful in generating customer loyalty and interest. Multiple surveys were conducted by The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) to prove the direct correlation between advertising through promotional products and increases in sales and brand recognition. In their...
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Choosing seasonal branded merchandise for summer and winter

Promotional items are a popular choice no matter what the time of year, but it’s important to consider how seasonal branded merchandise can be used to raise awareness in the summer or winter months. Here we look at five types of merchandising products that can be used to suit the weather!

Desktop items

Whatever the weather outside...
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How to win with new promotional packaging

Whatever goods or services your business provides, promotional packaging can play a key role in advertising, promoting and selling your products. Here we list just a few ways that new promotional packaging can drive interest in your offering and help to increase sales.

Attract sales

This really is the name of the game! The visual presentation of...
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Promotional marketing products: Are you getting a good deal?

Promotional materials can play an important role in successful marketing campaigns, so it’s important to choose a production partner that can deliver exactly what your company needs. Here we look at some of the important factors to consider when ordering promotional goods, and how these elements can affect your marketing efforts.


Whether it’s a pamphlet, a pencil...
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Put everything under one roof with TheMPC

When looking to promote your business through events and campaigns, there can be a lot to manage. As well as deciding on the terms of your campaign, you also need to decide on design, promotion, storage, delivery and who’s going to do it all for you. However, instead of hiring one company to produce your promotional...
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