Why You Should Be Using Promotional Christmas Gifts for Your Clients and Staff

The period leading up to Christmas can, for many businesses, quickly become a busy juggling act with preparing staff for leave, ordering Christmas cards and organising events alongside day to day activities. Choosing the right Christmas gifts for your clients or employees is one of these tasks that requires time, thought and forward planning. It’s often difficult to select corporate gifts that are thoughtful, yet can appeal to a wide range of audiences and additionally reflect your company’s brand.

Promotional products provide a great solution to this problem, as they reinforce your brand and increase its exposure, and there are now such diverse product options to choose from appropriate for the Christmas theme. With careful thinking and planning ahead, getting the right promotional merchandise to suit your target audience will effectively complement other marketing strategies in place, to enhance company reputation and keep your products or services in mind all year long.

Here we take a look at some of the benefits of using promotional corporate gifts for Christmas in more detail:

Cheaper and Longer Term Advertising: Promotional product marketing is less expensive per impression than other forms of advertising, and can be highly effective. Other strategies such as advertising online or using video advertisements may not resonate so long in a customer’s mind, whereas a promotional item can be visible for a long time. The right Christmas corporate gift which promotes your brand will be a longer lasting investment and one which can easily be passed on to or seen by other potential customers, as an endorsement of your business on a larger scale.

A Gift to Suit your Diverse Audiences: There is such a variety of different promotional products available, that you’ll certainly be able to find a Christmas gift that can be used for a range of corporate audiences, or as more individualised promotional gift for a particular client or employee. Pens and mugs are common promotional gifts and can be customised with a Christmas theme, however a good idea is to choose a product that is relevant to your company. For instance, if your company promotes a sustainable culture, it could be wise to give clients a recycled or eco-friendly promotional gift. For companies involved in technology, opting for Christmas products for laptops or mobiles, will strengthen brand identity and make clients more likely to remember their services.

Motivate Your Staff with a Corporate Christmas Gift: As said, a promotional product can greatly enhance company reputation. Promotional gifts will not only leave an impression on clients, but they can also enforce a company’s reputation for employees. Using a promotional Christmas gift internally, will help to commend loyal staff for their work throughout the year and build a further relationship between them and your brand. Staff will enjoy receiving their new custom Christmas gifts and will be able to recognise their part in the company with a branded product, they can in turn use as a promotional tool.

A Useful Sales Tool: Unlike other promotional merchandise offered throughout the year which may not be wanted by clients, a Christmas gift is an expected offering, and clients will be less likely to mind receiving a branded product. As they keep and use the promotional gift, they’ll become more familiar with your company and more likely to use your services in future.

Tips for Choosing Branded Christmas Gifts

  • Your corporate promotional gifts need to be memorable to stand out from the seasonal gifts of competitors
  • Choose from current or on trend items that will be used on a frequent basis, and impress clients with unusual or unique details and images
  • Whether you choose a memorable novelty, Christmas related item or a long lasting and versatile product, make sure it’s personalised and includes your key company information

It’s critical to start planning now to ensure you can create and deliver your gifts in time for Christmas. Many companies will have a cut off deadline for ordering corporate gifts in bulk, so forward planning in these months ahead will prevent any last minute panic and ensure you get the right gifts to suit your clients and best promote your brand.

At THEMPC we can provide fully custom corporate promotional products for the perfect promotional Christmas gifts. To find out more about our vast selection of products suitable for Christmas, please contact us on 01256 352415.


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