The Benefits of a Branded Company Uniform

Brand identity is built upon all of the physical elements of your business, used to represent your brand. Stationery, signage and most importantly a branded company uniform are just a few examples of creating brand identity.

Your company uniform is the face of your brand, as it’s the first thing customers and clients see when searching for a brand representative, such as a consultant, advisor or manager. As they are the face of your brand, keep your team looking smart and professional with branded high quality company uniform, to suit your businesses style.

But it’s not just brand identity that branded company uniforms are great at enforcing:

  1. Company Objectives

You can take advantage of your uniform design by using it to represent your brands mission and objectives. Maybe you have a bold mission statement you’re working towards, a new hashtag for your latest campaign or maybe you do a lot of work to help the environment and want to encourage others to join in, all can be incorporated through uniform design.

  1. Face of the Brand

A big influencer during making a first impression is your appearance. You should expect your team to arrive to work looking well-groomed and dressed smartly. Enforcing a workplace uniform can make this a lot easier for employees, as well as bringing in uniformity and making it easier for customers to recognise brand representatives.

  1. Free Advertising

One of the more obvious advantages, is the free marketing that comes with a uniform. Having company branding printed across uniform will promote your brand wherever the employee goes, which can also include on their way to and from work.

  1. Improved Customer Relationships

Providing a branded company uniform for employees to work makes them appear friendlier and more approachable to customers, thus improving employer-customer relationships.

  1. Boosting Company Pride

Wearing a branded company uniform can install a sense of pride in the company among the team which can then be reflected onto the customers as they walk into the store, showroom or office.

Overall, branding your company uniform can introduce a range of benefits to both the company, workforce and your customers. It can help you build a positive brand image, turn your employees into approachable brand ambassadors and help you work towards you company’s mission.

Simply present your own design or work to our team of designers to create something really bespoke, yet personal to your brand which you can proudly print onto corporate workwear. For more information visit our website or call a member of our team on 01256 352415.

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