In the UK, we now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day, now I know not all of those cups are from a disposable cup but you get the idea of how much is potentially hitting land fill. It doesn’t bear to picture it but the brutal truth is we need to, we are way over due on saying no to single use plastic. Time to show you care with greener drinkware.

Coffee Culture

When you’re next in the queue in Starbucks or Costa (other coffee shops are available) make sure you have your own re-useable cup or tumbler with you. I know the temptation of the pending Christmas red cup is drawing you in for that Instagram post of you and your pumpkin spiced latte, but you’ll see enough of these around and believe me the planet will thank you for it. If 30 years to degrade doesn’t shock you into getting your re-useable cup into your bag each day, I’m not sure what will (Go do it now).

The thing about coffee cups is that it’s the lining that causes the difficulty with recycling but if they are kept separate from normal waste, it can be done. Most disposable coffee cups aren’t recycled but we need to change the mind set and start doing as much as we can. Look after your reusable cup and reuse it as it’s counter productive if they end up in land fill. Also its good to remember, most coffee shops will actually give discount when you do! It’s a win for both you and the environment.

Drinkware for all tastes

Here at the THEMPC we have a variety of reusable cups for all budgets and styles to suit all. From bamboo to Double Walled Vacuum Thermal Insulated Travel Bottles. Drinkware is a popular promotional item ideal for morning commutes, football matches, working out or walking the dog. With a good size print area you can add you campaign message, logo or personalised name making it a great gift or giveaway item at for events, work place merchandise or prizes.  What’s good to know about bamboo is when its come to the end of its lifespan, just crush it and place in the compost heap into the ground. It leaves no trace on the environment, so it’s a good option. Other items such as lunchboxes to cutlery are also another green alternative and useful all year round.

What better idea for your next Eco- Friendly giveaway than to lead by example and show and help others be greener.

If you would like to know more about greener alternatives- speak to our team now on 01256 352415

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