Promotional Products: Why The Pen is Mightier than the Pad

Promotional Products are a popular marketing tool in the UK, enabling businesses of all sizes to find unique and endearing ways of promoting their brand.

To mark Promotional Products Week in September, the British Promotional Merchandise Association conducted a survey which revealed the pen as the most common giveaway for UK businesses.

Despite our reliance on our workplace desktop PCs, mobile devices and the ever increasingly cloud-like environment, it is humbling to think that we can still be so emotionally affected by a branded pen. So what is it about promotional pens that puts them at the top of the list?

  1. They are highly cost effective
  2. They are incredibly useful – even in a supposed ‘paperless’ office we all still need to jot down a phone number, sign important documents or doodle during that boring phone call!
  3. They are long lasting
  4. They are relevant in pretty much every workplace scenario
  5. You can give them away virtually anywhere – client meetings, exhibitions, recruitment fairs, product launch events and even through the post.

Incidentally, notepads are number six on the list of top promotional items and canny companies may like to consider combining the two for an even more useful giveaway.

It isn’t just stationery that can be branded with your logo, strapline and contact details. Mugs, mouse mats and USB sticks also make for popular promotional items due to their size, cost and usability.

UK businesses will spend almost £1billion on promotional products this year. Compare that to the £1.8billion spent last year on direct mail and you will have some idea of the size of this market, which, by the way, has grown from £800 million in 2014.

Whilst we’re all being intoxicated by the online manoeuvres of our favourite brands, there is definitely space for the simple ‘message on a stick’ approach that promotional items offer. After all, most people will keep a promotional pen, mug or USB stick for an average of one year after receiving it, keeping that brand message alive for far longer than a passing display ad or email. Whether this interest converts into a sale will depend on many things, not least what activity you create around your brand from the moment you giveaway your promotional items to the day they are resigned to the office bin.

By no means are promotional items the only tool you’ll need in your marketing shed, but they do go a long way towards reinforcing the marketing you are doing elsewhere – both online and offline – and provide a great way to keep your name alive in a world where the speed of technology is making us all lose a little patience and brand loyalty.

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