How Promotional Products Can Get Your New Business Noticed

Starting a new business can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it’s not always easy getting that initial traction to attract your target market. How quickly and how well you get your name out there, amongst the scores of more established companies in your industry, can make or break a start-up business. However, though some traditional branding and marketing strategies may not be in reach with a smaller budget, promotional product marketing is one of the most effective strategies to get your new business noticed – and it can be done affordably, too.

What makes promotional product marketing so effective for new businesses?

Promotional products, from business cards to promotional gifts, are a key form of advertising and used correctly, will help your new business get exposure, stand out from competitors, and increase sales:

  • Promotional products are diverse and simple to implement
  • A physical product with your branding and values is easy to absorb and will make it easier for customers to understand your message, and over time advocate it
  • Investing in promotional product marketing is much more affordable than other types of branding and advertising. And unlike other forms such as TV or print advertising, promotional products offer a long-term approach to building customer relationships and improving ROI

However, the success of your promotional products will depend upon what merchandise you choose and how you implement them.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is your target market. Who are you trying to communicate with? You’ll need to ensure that you’re not giving your merchandise away to the people who won’t be interested in your products or services, and once you’ve reached the right consumers, you’ll need to get their attention with items that they’ll actually want.

To get your new business noticed by the people who matter most, here are some of our expert tips:

  • Although it may be an exciting prospect of having your own merchandise, avoid going overboard with bulk buys of t-shirts, mugs and pens. It will be much more effective to get a few good promotional gifts and reward the loyalty and support of the audience and customers interested in your business. These are the people who will advocate your brand and continue to invest in it.
  • Think about what items will make your customers feel valued – this will vary depending on factors like your industry, your business values and the different types of customers you’re approaching. It should be something that they will be happy to use, as this will ensure that your business can be seen and will kept in people’s minds even after your initial contact. Remember that these items may not always be what you like. Choose promotional products that add value to your business and your brand.
  • Why not ask potential and existing customers about what products they’d like to see and use the most? This is a good tactic if you’re unsure about what promotional products will be most effective for your campaign, and before you start buying in bulk.

If you’d like any more advice on getting noticed with engaging promotional products, or to discuss your promotional requirements, you can speak to THEMPC Ltd team today. We can help your new business develop a successful promotional marketing strategy and deliver the products to get your business noticed. Simply call us on 01256 352415 or email


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