Promotional merchandising trends for 2018

The past year has been an interesting one for the promotional merchandising industry, where a blend of inventive and traditional methods have modelled our approach to design and manufacture. So, with 2018 on the horizon, we look at some of the product trends we expect to gain prominence over the coming twelve months.

Time to take a new and innovative approach

 Technological advancements in modern manufacturing mean we are now capable of creating more unique and inspirational merchandising products than ever before. So in 2018 businesses must be bolder and more willing to take risks with their promotional products, because a great concept that is well executed really can set you apart from the crowd.

Small items still have a big impact

Small sized promotional items certainly aren’t a new idea, but this form of marketing has certainly lasted the test of time. Offering traditional branded items such as stationary, badges and keyrings is still a popular way to engage potential clients and add visibility to your business, whilst USB memory sticks, torches and music earbuds offer a modern twist on a classic approach.

Event marketing can pay dividends

If your business is attending a conference or industry event in 2018, its best not to go empty handed! Such events will always present an ideal platform to engage potential clients, so offering promotional items such as keyrings and mugs will remain a thoroughly efficient way of breaking the ice and a perfect opportunity to say more about your business and what it does.

Brand focused merchandising makes sense

 Company branding has always been the most important element of any merchandising campaign, and it will play just as pivotal a role in 2018. There are a huge range of products that can be adapted to adorn your business colours and distributed to your clients, from stationary and business cards to workwear and calendars.

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