Promotional marketing products: Are you getting a good deal?

Promotional materials can play an important role in successful marketing campaigns, so it’s important to choose a production partner that can deliver exactly what your company needs.

Here we look at some of the important factors to consider when ordering promotional goods, and how these elements can affect your marketing efforts.


Whether it’s a pamphlet, a pencil or a USB stick, the quality of your promotional marketing products will speak volumes about your company. Everything about marketing merchandise should look the part, from the quality of printing and manufacture to the way your brand elements are displayed, so remember quality is key to achieving the core goals of any marketing campaign.


Quality shouldn’t cost the world, and an affordable and cost-effective solution to your promotional marketing needs should come as standard. Remember to choose a producer that offers a competitive rate for quality goods and favourable prices on larger scales orders. Focusing on managing costs with an honest and reasonable supplier really can help to make your marketing budget go further!

Lead times

Marketing events and campaigns often need to be planned and organised quickly against tight deadlines, so it’s important to have a production partner that can produce the materials you need quickly. Long lead-times can lead to big disappointment, so always look to find a recommended supplier with an excellent track record of delivering materials quickly and on time.


It’s important to have a healthy relationship with a production partner that you feel you can trust, so make sure to choose a company that is open and communicative from day one. Good customer service will almost certainly lead to a positive final product and a happy and lasting business arrangement.

Why choose The Marketing Production Company?

The MPC are committed to delivering the highest quality of marketing products in a cost-effective manner that always meets your deadlines. We position ourselves as an extension of your internal marketing team, meaning we can work seamlessly on the management, design and execution of your marketing campaigns.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, please contact our friendly customer services team on 01256 352415.

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