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Shampoo Mailer

We were approached by the Marketing Team at Alberto Culver (now part of Unilever) and we worked very closely with their creative team, (as we had on several projects in the past) to develop and amend the chosen design for their shampoo mailer which would better suit manufacturing requirements.

The brief supplied by the marketing department was that we were required to present a solution, which would house the pre-manufactured sachets of shampoo and conditioner being producing in Europe.  Scamps and design layouts had been presented to us with the brief but we recommended several amendments which would save time and cost for manufacturing.

Our recommendations included optimum sheet usage for the printing of the leaflets and the ability for the sachets to be automatically glued into the leaflets and sealed in a single pass using innovative manufacturing techniques, this made the overall production very cost effective.

Throughout the project we worked closely with the client

It was crucial that we work closely with the elected shampoo sachet supplier as they would be providing the full quantity split over 3 deliveries to ensure we could provide continual supply of the completed shampoo mailer to the distribution warehouse. As with most large projects the timings and logistics relating to the supply of 3rd party components was most challenging but we were very lucky to be part of a very committed team and everything went like clockwork.

The shampoo sachets were received packed in soldier-style all facing the same direction, which was very important to keep the manufacturing costs low; we then applied them to the printed leaflets by machine and then packed suitably in shipping cartons and packed onto 133 pallets. These would then be supplied to the client’s warehouse for distribution and for use with experiential marketing campaigns.

Throughout the project we worked closely with the client attending weekly project meetings as the brief evolved. All elements were managed by a dedicated account manager who was responsible for overseeing the production at every stage from passing the printed sheets on press with the client to being on-hand when the final boxes were being packed.

Some of the deadlines were tight, and the distribution details changed regularly but all of the required elements were delivered on time or ahead of schedule.  It was a very challenging project to work on and we are very proud of the results.

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