Product Packaging

We have worked with the client since 1998 and our relationship has been very eventful.  During the period of our relationship we have worked together to make considerable changes to the existing product packaging solutions and the client has also been educated on design and packaging.

As the products are shipped worldwide the initial task we set ourselves was to look at any savings that could be made by reducing the overall size of the packaging, which would provide savings on volumetric shipping costs.

During the initial product packaging review to look at the sizes of the boxes, we also presented an unexpected recommendation, which was to reduce production costs and product obsolescence by producing generic packaging and over-labelling.

Due to the variance in the product content we were required to produce a variety of internal fitments but we designed all of the options so they could be stored flat and built up as required.

The introduction of flat-packed internal fitments were a revolution

The client had always used anti-static foam which is more expensive, costs more to store and also has a shelf life as the foam is prone to dis-colouring.

We now design, manufacture, fulfill and distribute thousands of products every month all over the world.  Our performance is constantly measured and we are provided with monthly reports from the client, which highlight any products which are out performing previous volumes so we can look at re-originating the packaging to produce a more cost effective solution by planning multiple boxes up on a single printed sheet.

The next stage of the packaging development with our client is to investigate reducing storage costs further by transitioning over to a just-in-time manufacturing process.

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