New Year, New Marketing plans – Get your Merchandise ready for 2019!

With a new year comes new marketing plans, calendars of events and let us not forget new branded merchandise! If you haven’t already, now is the time to get prepared with new goodies for this new year and so we are here to share our thoughts and ideas with you.

Re-usable, recyclable & Eco-friendly

There is a lot in the media about doing away with single use items and replacing them with more sustainable items.  This is totally relevant to the merchandise items you also produce so now is the time to look at reusable and eco-friendly branded giveaways.

Confectionery are a great giveaway, whether for the reception desk in your office or for handing out at an event and now we can source them in eco-friendly compostable packaging which can be filled with a wide range of sweet treats! Skittles, Jelly Beans, mints or chocolate, the hardest decision will be what sweet treat you decide on!

A favourite of ours is the Vasa copper water bottle, this is a stylish alternative to plastic and single use bottles. We have branded our own for all MPC employees in a bid to reduce our own use of single use plastics! These bottles come in a wide range of colours and can be laser engraved with your logo, they will keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours or cold drinks cold for 48 hours and are a giveaway item people will use daily giving maximum exposure to your brand!

Other ideas include reusable coffee cups, recyclable coffee cups, paper branded straws and tote bags! We can help you find an eco-friendly promotional item to suit any budget.

New year, new employees

Have you taken on or are you looking to take on new hires in 2019? What better way to make your new recruits feel valued than with a personalised new employee welcome pack. Here at THEMPC we can help you develop welcome packs to your specification.  We can source branded notebooks, pens & USB keys, pre-load the USB with useful training assets new starters may need and present these items in a stylish welcome box!

Imagine the feeling a new employee will get receiving a welcome gift on their first day and as they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Personalised giveaways

Who doesn’t love a giveaway with their name on it?  In 2018 we made investments in machinery which brings the ability to personalise in house here at THEMPC.  If you are looking for the WOW factor we can help, we have the ability to hot foil in house and print to practically any surface.

If you have some ideas on items you would like branded please put us to the test, the great news is that there is no minimum quantity so if you have 10 prospects you are looking to impress we can print 10 different artworks so each one is bespoke to the recipient.

With literally thousands of products to choose from and the ability to create bespoke merchandise designed to your specification, the possibilities are endless!  If you are looking for new merchandise ideas or have a specific item in mind get in touch with one of our team who will be able to help you create merchandise to remember!

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