Maximise Your Brand’s Success at Your Next Event

You may have a brilliant strategy in place to push your brand and make it look stunning. But so many companies are missing a trick when it comes to pushing their brand at an event. Let us talk you through how you can maximise your brand success at your next event.

Why advertise at events?

Promoting your brand at a relevant event is a great opportunity and a brilliant investment. An event will bring opportunities to you, as opposed to your searching for them, and it’s all under one roof. This is your perfect chance to connect with prospective customers on a face value level.

Having a clear brand message

You can stand out from the crowd at any event by being clear about your brand message. Ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve and wow will you reach your goals. Thinking about these questions will help you to build on your brand identity.

An event may be a perfect way to introduce a new product line, or offer existing products at a discounted rate. It’s an excellent way to be clear on your brand message.

Be unique

People remember brands that are different. At any event, you’ll have competitors delivering a similar service to you. So how will you stand out? Investing in some promotional material is your best bet. From pens to mugs, whatever you choose will STAY with your potential customer.

Be generous

Promote your brand by giving stand visitors something to remember you by. Leaflets are a given, but did you know that over 35% of people throw away leaflets that they receive at events? As well as having leaflets, try pushing your brand name with merchandise. Items such as pens, games, mugs, writing pads, umbrellas and tote bags are all hugely popular and a way of getting recognised. To get something bespoke talk to a merchandising specialist like The Marketing Production Company for a twist on usual items given at events.


We speak for the majority when we say that FREE stuff always excites people and draws them to you. Two stands offering the same service at the same place and one of them is offering freebies… we all know where this story is headed.

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