Is your marketing collateral ready for the Christmas rush?

With Christmas just around the corner, retailers across the UK are busily preparing for the festive shopping period to begin.

This means hours of planning for sales teams looking to create the perfect Christmas strategy, with marketing collateral such as packaging and point-of-sale a key consideration.

Here we explain the importance of ordering festive marketing collateral as early as possible ahead of the seasonal sales drive, and how this can make a big difference to Christmas sales.


The festive season is the most competitive time of the year for retailers, so trying to create marketing assets that will help your brand to stand out is vitally important. But creating fantastic product packaging and collateral requires a thorough design and development process, so start now in order to achieve the biggest impact for your products.


The build up to Christmas is a very busy time for manufacturers of marketing collateral, so getting your orders in early makes sure you are at the head of the queue. Lead-times, especially for big orders, are likely to be longer in the months before the festive season – so making a last-minute decision could lead to disappointment.


The earlier Christmas marketing collateral is signed-off and ordered, the earlier it will arrive! This gives your business a great opportunity to put your marketing strategies in place nice and early, offering a clear image of how your festive merchandising can be best utilised and getting a head start on competitors!

Peace of mind

Finalising plans for marketing collateral as early as possible allows your team time to focus on other important issues and gives peace of mind that provisions for packaging and point-of-sale are in place. This allows more time to look at other key marketing considerations such as advertising, fulfilment and distribution.

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