How to Attract Younger People to Your Brand using Promotional Products

The ‘millennials’, those born in the 80s and 90s and approaching adulthood, are the online generation, a large sector of the population who have grown up alongside the internet and hold increasing value in any marketing strategy. The younger generation has much easier access to participating in new experiences and finding enrichment, as a new culture of social media inspires sharing, seeing and doing. This means that millennials can be brilliant brand advocates and can be directly targeted through marketing tactics combining offline and online experiences.

This is where promotional products come in.

Promotional items deliver millennials a much more personal, physical form of communication with a brand that can be tailored to consumer needs and allow a continued connection with them online. Additionally, millennials will often have more expendable money than an older audience with heavier financial commitments, to invest in brands and interact with their merchandise.

Delivering promotional products for the younger crowd

Anticipate their needs

Social sites such as Snapchat and Instagram have driven the expectations of brands from young adults; businesses are expected to constantly connect with their audiences in all places and instantly   satisfy their needs. This makes it difficult to target younger people with products which will stand out and motivate brand engagement, however by anticipating their needs you’ll be able to find the right promotional product for them. Evaluate your market and their current responses to your marketing and services. What are they looking for? Why do they need your services and how can you improve their experience with your brand?

Personalise your offerings

Entice younger people effectively by creating a more personal connection, such as a promotional item which can be customised to captivate their attention and make them feel involved in your brand. Make your promotional merchandise interactive by linking it to your social media channels, blog or website. You could even use a promotional product as an incentive to get people to like, follow, subscribe or engage with your online content.

When personalising your product for a younger audience, you’ll need to explicitly present what’s in it for them. That’s why personalised discounts or exclusive offers, such as having different offers on each social media channel, or limited time promotions, will encourage millennials to reach out and engage with your brand across all consumer touchpoints and receive a positive perception of your brand.

Attract with tech products

Your millennial audience is most likely to be up to speed with everything digital and have a higher level of power to influence others. Appealing to their interests with a promotional gadget or tech item could help you stand out as a relevant, fresh and valuable brand. You could tap into the rise in popularity of wearable devices and mobile usage, with wearables, accessories or related, useful products that would draw attention to your services on a regular basis.


Creating a competitive experience for younger consumers in connection to your product, whether on a personal level or against others, is a highly effective strategy to sustain longer-term interest and excitement around your brand. Turn the experience with your product into a game, with collectable promotional giveaway items. Encourage people to share how many items they’ve collected via social media – this will also give you earned content to promote throughout your marketing.

Show that you care

The younger generation are more aware of the world and the environment due to the attention around climate change and the increasing trend for more eco-friendly products and services. Through your promotional product you can display that you are environmentally responsible as a business and that you care about the environment, as well as their interests. Invest in a sustainable promotional product that shows that you are in tune with their needs.


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