How Can Corporate Clothing Help To Develop Your Brand Identity?

Have you thought about introducing branded corporate clothing in your work place? As well as helping to introduce a team atmosphere by providing the same uniform for all members of staff, branded workwear can have many benefits in helping to develop your brand identity. Your brand identity is all the visual elements of your brand, as viewed by the consumer, so it’s essential to do as much as possible to create an identity and image that is instantly recognisable for consumers. Incorporating branded corporate clothing can play a big part in getting your brand out there.

So how can corporate clothing benefit your brand identity?

It’s an advertising opportunity

First of all, branded workwear provides you with a simple way to get your identity out and about by using your staff as advertisement boards. By ensuring that all of your staff wear branded uniforms, not just delivery drivers or public facing staff, your staff can help to spread the word about your brand inside and outside of work. If they are commuting to work, there is an opportunity for many people to take note of their uniform, or even if they leave the workplace during their lunchbreak, this is another opportunity to advertise your brand.

It helps make your staff and your brand identity more identifiable

It’s essential in today’s society to make sure that your staff are always easily identifiable. Customers can find staff more easily if they are wearing a clear uniform and will also be more likely to trust your staff if they are wearing a branded uniform. Trust is very important, as trust in your brand identity can lead to brand loyalty.

By introducing branded workwear that is also aligned with the colours of your branding, you can further increase your brand identity by making your company colours more recognisable. For example, try introducing a shirt that is the same colour as your website, or even ensure that your logo is printed in the same layout as it is in your website, for example, in the top left or right corner. Small attentions to detail like this can help to make your branding instantly recognisable.

It helps you to maintain a good brand image

If all your staff are smartly and uniformly dressed, they will look more professional and give a better impression of your company, therefore helping to enhance and increase your brand identity. Wearing a branded uniform can also have a positive effect on staff; they feel a part of the brand and are more conscious of representing the brand. Corporate workwear can be a really effective means of promoting a feeling of responsibility – the prouder staff are to be a part of your brand, the more beneficial to helping to develop your brand identity.

If you feel that branded corporate workwear would help to develop your brand identity, you can give us a call on 01256 352415 and our team will be happy to take on the challenge.

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