Getting The Best Value From Your Promotional Items

You’ll often hear that a great marketing campaign can help spread the word about your brand or business, but what’s often forgotten about is the powerful impact promotional items can have. They don’t just increase brand awareness, they also capture the imagination of your potential customer in a new and exciting way. Oh, and who doesn’t love a freebie?

So how can you get the best return from your promotional products? And what’s worth investing in?

Here’s our top five tips on how to get the most out of your branded merchandise:

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Put yourself in another’s shoes. You’re at an event and you’ve been handed ten promotional pens. While you’ll be able to replenish your pen stocks, you’re unlikely to pay special attention to one particular pen. Try and create a promotional item that stands out from the crowd and think outside the box. How about a branded Rubik’s Cube or another novelty item?

  1. Make it easy to carry

Most people coming to events will only have a small bag, if any. This is important to bear in mind when you’re deciding which product to go for. Offering out travel-friendly items is more likely to ensure that your brand arrives home with the item’s recipient.

  1. Choose a product that will be useful

Useful products usually make the best promotional items because you can ensure they’ll be around for a while and that your business will be front of mind. From branded metal keyrings and mugs to umbrellas and confectionery, products that aren’t just a fad are often a better investment. Just look at fidget spinners for example – popular for a short while before being found dangerous and falling out of fashion.

  1. Give out promotional items instead of business cards

Making your business card stand out from the rest is a tricky task. Event goers often go home with a stack of cards that they might, if you’re lucky, use to get in touch with you. To be memorable and stand out from the crowd, take an alternative approach and give out a promotional product with your contact details on.

  1. Make your promotional items relevant

Try to make your promotional items relevant to the audiences you’re trying to attract. After all, there’s little point in giving a branded coaster to someone in an industry that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk.

At The MPC, we’ve got a whole catalogue of promotional merchandise, but here’s our top three this month:

  1. Pocket sized sweet tin

These deliciously retro travel sweets are sure to go down a storm and can be personalised with any information or logos.

  1. Image calculator

People in most industries will at some point require a calculator, and what better way to show off your brand than with an image calculator?

  1. Umbrella

With the famously changeable British weather, a branded umbrella could be the perfect promotional item sure to get a lot of use. It won’t just be the person you’ve given it to who’ll have your brand front of mind – it can also raise brand awareness with anyone who sees it in action.

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