Getting your point of sale display right this Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon the time to get your in store advertising ready for the festive season is certainly here.

Point of sale merchandising can include everything from signs, posters and banners to free-standing display units, counter display units and leaflet dispensers, so there is plenty of opportunity to catch the attention of visiting customers!

Here we offer some top tips for making the most of in-store merchandising this Christmas:

Be Bold

Christmas is a busy time for consumers, all looking to make the right purchase as soon as possible and with a million other things to do! This means that impulse purchasing is higher than at any other time of the year, so having bright and bold Christmas point of sale merchandising is essential to catching the eye.

Be Unique

Christmas is the most competitive time of the year for retailers, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your product stands out from the crowd. Taking a fresh and innovative approach to the style and design of your point of sale merchandise can play a big part in attracting consumers.

Be Visible

It goes without saying, but it’s a great advantage for your point of sale displays to be well positioned and highly visible. So whether it’s banners and posters in areas of high footfall or display units and dump bins at the counter, the placement of your merchandising will help to boost festive sales.

Looking for inspiration? Get in touch!

Our most recent in-store branding and POS projects have been in partnership with blue chip companies such as Blackberry, Unilever, Walls and Tom Tom, to name a few.

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