Five Marketing Essentials for Your Next Exhibition Appearance

Exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to promote your business. In a room filled with potential customers, there is no excuse for not pulling out all of your best resources. Professionalism is key and you cannot portray that without a passionate brand and excellent marketing.

Ready for your next exhibition appearance, here are our 5 key marketing essentials:

  1. Location

During exhibitions, your attendees will make their way around the room in a certain way. Some will go straight to the stands they recognise, some will circle and visit each stand that draws them in. Others will circle to get an idea of all the stalls and then circulate again to the most interesting stalls.

Therefore, if you can, choose a stand that is located where everyone will see. For example, the very start or end where you won’t get lost in the confusion is always a good place.

  1. Communication

The most effective tool in marketing is communication. Regardless of your product or audience, if your communication is poor your results will be poor. But communication comes in many forms.

Find marketing material that effectively communicates your brands mission and the key points you are trying to put across. Ensure your language is the language of your target audience and that your imagery is relatable. Choose colours, fonts and layouts that will be clear through a sea of other businesses and generate a buzz.

Also recruit the best possible team for your exhibition stand. Find employees who present themselves well, always gets their voice heard and – most importantly – are passionate about your brand. Real passion and confidence will easily be communicated and will support your message in every way possible.

  1. Presentation

Every aspect of your exhibition stand should represent your brand. The colours on your posters, the fonts on your flyers and most importantly the appearance and behaviour of your representatives.

To gain a professional, trustworthy reputation, you need to portray that in your customer service while marketing at your stand. Well-groomed employees speaking clearly and politely with patient and professional behaviour are more likely to help your stand attract genuine customers.

  1. Resources

In a room full of competitors, you need to think logically about how to draw attendees to your stand. No matter your budget, there will always be plenty of quality resources to choose from.

Starting with your basics: flyers, business cards and large posters as these work well to educate or inform your audience. Then on the other side you have your larger prints, such as exhibition roller banners, PR boxes and promotional products.

Promotional products can vary, but it’s always good to opt for something that attendees can use daily. For example, pens, USBs and mugs that they can take away and use time and time again.

  1. Quality

Throughout every step of your exhibition, marketing it is important to maintain excellent quality. Your materials, your presentation, your communication should all be top standard. But as well as during the event, consider quality throughout the planning stages.

For the best results, find a printing company who understands the power of good quality. At TheMPC we are a dedicated team, working as an extension to your internal marketing resources. We offer quality design and print management of marketing materials to allow you to promote your business effectively and professionally.

To discuss your next project click here to get in touch and receive a quote from a member of our team.

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