What to Expect from Promotional Merchandise in 2017

As we know, promotional merchandise is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses of all kinds. Having a physical branded item is a cost-effective and fast way to increase brand awareness and loyalty, allowing businesses to effectively target customers and improve retention.

The strategic use of promotional products has proven to benefit businesses in 2016; research from Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) found that 73% of consumers use promotional products at least once a week, and 58% of people will keep a promotional product for 1 to 4 years. And the popularity of promotional merchandise will continue to grow in 2017. But what are the product trends that will help businesses best grow their customer relationships and brand?

Retro apparel

Vintage and retro styles have made a real comeback in fashion and apparel associating with a brand’s past heritage will provide inspiration for engaging designs. Channel popular retro looks with modern performance features.


Wearables have been the most popular promotional products trend in 2016 and this will carry on through to 2017 and beyond. With our increasingly digital landscape, technology-infused merchandise will be a trend not to miss – power banks, mobile phone accessories, laptop bags, to headphones and more. Used for promotional purposes, they are practical, reusable items which provide great value and can allow brands to influence the users over the long term.


Since consumers are becoming ever aware of the environment in relation to the products they are buying and the businesses they are dealing with, brands should look to endorse eco-friendly merchandise. Develop branded products which have been sustainably and ethically manufactured, or use recycled or bio-degradable materials. There are many affordable sustainable promotional products available to businesses such as wooden pens, water bottles, tote bags and backpacks.

Health and wellbeing

In recent years we have seen a big boom in the health and wellness scene, with many brands paying attention to fitness gear and health foods. Again with an increasing focus on this market, promotional products for 2017 will likely target customers who are looking to improve their health. This is a versatile sector which could include a range of health and fitness products, from exercise bands and fitness trackers, to sports bottles, bags and towels.


It’s the better quality, higher value products which are set to excel in 2017 – no one wants a low quality item which has been mass produced. It’s about making a heavier investment in customers and displaying the importance of their relationships with your brand. Increase your brand advocation with a stand-out, long lasting though usable item. A higher value item will help to form higher value brand associations.

Taking some of these trends on-board for your promotional merchandise in 2017, will help your brand reach out to customers in a more relevant and appealing way. At THEMPC Ltd we can help you successfully develop promotional products to get you noticed. To find out more about our wide range of merchandise or to speak to our team about your promotional strategy, why not give us a call on 01256 352415, or email info@thempc.co.uk.


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