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Do you think you can go plastic free for one month?

Plastic free July is a global movement that benefits us all, if we all made a small change just think of the impact it could have.

Starting with your water intake, take your water to work in a re-useable bottle, there are plenty of vacuum cooper bottles on the market that will keep your liquids cool and you can just refill when you’re at work. Coffee shops are offering money off your coffee if you take your own re-useable coffee cup in, so with all this money saving imagine how good you’ll feel meanwhile reducing the streets and oceans of plastics. We have bottles and cups of all shapes and sizes to suit the coffee culture, so there’s really no excuse.

Straws are just a complete nuisance, I was away recently and every time I was given a drink it had not one BUT TWO straws in it!! That’s mental and so bad, bearing in mind I was looking out to the ocean each time you’d think they would be more switched on. By giving feedback and showing it’s not really that necessary we could make that shift away from them and support the much bigger picture. We’ve all experienced a soggy cardboard straw, but I mean c’mon it’s not going to spoil your day. I swear we have entered the zone of the “Straw Snob” so I figure show people the ultimate way to sip swarve. Aluminium straws, available in many colours, keep one with you and just rinse it off. The more people see them, the more it will catch on. If you’re a company that want to show your clients and customers how much being green means to you, think about how as a company you can demonstrate your values and commitments with changing up the above items. We have helped many companies with branded re-useable items and personalised water bottles. Keeping hydrated at work and keeping plastics off the streets.  We can even laser engrave metal straws with company logos which we think is pretty neat.

Do you really need another plastic bag?

Making sure you take bags with you helps or even better swap out for cotton totes, netted bags or take your own container to avoid picking up unnecessary plastics along the way. Shop small and look out for your local grocers where fruit and veg isn’t prepacked. If you fancy getting down into nature make it fun and take a trip to PYO local farms. We have found when customers hold events, tote bags or shopper style bags are a great giveaway. Made from various green materials, hessian or sustainable cotton, your branded bag is seen in a good light and not as someone’s left over rubbish.

The not so obvious items

You get to the end of a product and you think what do I do with this? Well a simple google search and you can often find local drop off points for items like coffee pods, toothbrushes, tooth paste tubes, crisp packets and much more, so take a few minutes to work out how you can help reduce your waste to landfill. It shocks me that Styrofoam is still being used for cups at events, did you know rather than degrade it takes 500 -1 million years and due to its properties it just floats making it hard to completely disappear and easily eaten by animals in the ocean. In some places in the world it’s now been banned.

What will you learn in July? Through practise you will have found new valuable habits that will last forever and impact the planet positively. Not often you hear that.

It is not only in July we should be thinking about these things, so if you are looking for reusable promotional merchandise that are caring on the environment, we will source your items to your specification and aid you to becoming a greener brand. If you want to help with ways to make this happen. Contact THEMPC today, we would love to hear from you on 01256 352415 – sales@thempc.co.uk

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