How to Ensure Your Promotional Products Land in the Right Hands

Many modern businesses realise that they cannot build their brand simply by marketing online or using traditional offline advertising. To reach the target audience you often have to be a little more astute and give people something tangible that identifies with your brand and gives them a reason to remember you.

We’re talking of course, about promotional products. From pens to USB sticks, corporate clothing to mugs and conference bags, we’ve got the lot here at THEMPC, but how do you ensure these items you have spent time and money on creating are going to get into the right hands?

Here are our top tips for ensuring your promotional merchandise reaches your desired audience:

  • Make the most of your employees – the very fact that they work for you means they are brand ambassadors but there are other ways in which your employees can help when it comes to promoting your branded items. Supply your team with your branded clothing, name tags, bags and cups and before long they’ll have customers and visitors asking if they can have one too!
  • Never leave the office without your promo products – whether it’s a meeting, conference or event you have planned, taking a good supply of your promotional products with you will ensure you can hand out freebies at any given opportunity. Our top tip would be to have several versions of promotional product created so if you are travelling on the train to an event for example you can simply take a handful of pens, but if you’ve got the luxury of a car boot, you can fill up with mugs, bags and all sorts of larger goodies.
  • Get social – if you are looking for new ways to drum up interest in your brand, why not offer a giveaway of your promotional merchandise on social media? Not only will it generate lots more engagement for your Facebook page or Twitter profile but it will increase your brand reach and get people talking about your company.
  • Call in the experts – hiring a marketing firm or promo products expert can help you understand your target audience and their behaviour online and offline. This insight will enable you to develop the right kind of strategy to reach these people with your promotional products so they remember your name, your capabilities and your expertise for a long time to come.

At THEMPC we’re here to help you turn your vision of an incredible product launch into a reality. So, whether you are looking for the wow factor at your next event or just a supply of branded merchandise for your next giveaway, speak to our team today on 01256 352415 for ideas and inspiration!


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