Easter Merchandise

Set yourself apart from the competition and get your company branded Easter Merchandise. Why is the Easter period not used as much as other holidays for promotional opportunities?

Easter Merchandise will sweeten up your staff, or can be used for businesses looking to gain brand exposure and enhance customer satisfaction.  Use it for direct mail, hand them out as giveaways at events or arrange a hunt for a bit of fun.


Easter Merchandise



We are never too old to get excited about Easter and embracing Spring and the bank holiday. There’s a shed load of chocolate, Easter egg hunts, hot cross buns to name few on their way so what’s not to love, right?

It’s not all about the eggs, why not have your very own branded Lindt Bunnies popping up around the place. If chocolate’s not your thing then Easter egg shaped or bunny biscuits are a great idea, your customers will be delighted and quite literally will be eating your logo.



Easter Merchandise




Brits are committed when it comes to Cadburys Crème Eggs, with 500 million being produced each year. If you piled these on top of each other they would be taller than Mount Everest!! They are infact the worlds most popular egg shaped chocolate. Go us!

You can only get Cadbury Crème eggs and Cadbury mini eggs at Easter time but if you go to Canada you can enjoy Mini eggs 365 days of the year. I know what you’re thinking stockpile them here or plan a nice holiday to Canada would be nice to grab a load.


                                                                        Easter Merchandise

The first ever Easter egg was made in 1873 by Fry’s of Bristol and thank god they did because the world is a nicer place with them.

For more ideas on yummy sweet Easter confectionery, branded just the way you like them contact our team on 01256 352415 or info@thempc.co.uk. Check out our site for more egg-citing ideas http://www.themerchandiseexperts.co.uk

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