Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand in 2017

As competition grows, technology advances and advertising prices increase, it can be difficult for small businesses to get their brand noticed.   If you are launching a new venture in 2017, want to reinvent your brand or just increase awareness, here are a few creative ways to promote your brand:

  • Target people in your local community – no matter whether your business operates nationally, internationally or simply on a regional basis, there is no point raising awareness further afield when those in your own local community are not even aware of your brand and what you can offer. Consider sponsoring or supporting a local charity event and use the opportunity to hand out your promotional items so that people will remember your brand long after they have enjoyed the event. Promotional products that work well at events include pens, mugs, pads of paper and USB sticks. Consider also any items that include your address as this will reinforce your local credibility and may help you drive more local business to your door.
  • Create a Competition – with the excitement of Christmas long gone and a dreary couple of winter months ahead, there is nothing that brightens the mood more than the prospect of winning something. If you have got items that you want to giveaway to generate more brand awareness, then why not create a competition? You can either do this in-store for everyone that makes a purchase between given dates or perhaps on Facebook by getting your followers and their friends to like and share your post, thereby gaining your brand further momentum. Whatever platform or media you use for your competition don’t forget to use this as a data collection exercise. By asking people whether they are happy to sign up for your latest news and offers not only are you gaining their competition entry, but you can contact them in the future with similar offers and news.
  • Sponsor a brand – a great way to reach new audiences is to expose your brand via sponsorship. Whether this is a local school, sports team or event, having your name clearly on display and showing that you are giving back to the local community will do wonders for your brand credibility. It may also get your brand noticed by new people who would not otherwise be exposed to your in-store or online marketing communications.
  • Conduct research – not only is research very helpful in telling you more about the behaviour, attitude and preferences of your target audience, but it can also be an effective way of drawing more attention to your brand. Go one step further by offering all those who take part in your survey a small token of appreciation – such as a branded promotional gift. They will feel that their time is appreciated and you will know that your brand recognition and awareness will continue thanks to the pen, mug or USB stick they will now keep on their desk for the next year.

Whatever projects you have planned for 2017, make sure you speak to The MPC first as we can help turn your ideas into creative marketing assets that will promote your brand.


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