‘Tis the season to decide on your Christmas promotional products


At The MPC we have over 15 years’ experience of delivering successful promotional products so we know what works. The products themselves are key, needing to be useful, memorable and of a good enough quality for people to enjoy them. However, timing is also incredibly important and there are certain periods in the life of a business that need to be capitalised upon. From holiday to exhibition season, new products or services to changes to the business branding, there are definite times when great promotional products can really add value to your marketing campaign. Nowhere is this a greater example than at Christmas time, and as the festive season approaches with speed, it is time to plan and order what your business needs to promote itself and spread the goodwill.

So with Christmas in mind, what is the perfect promotional gift for your business? Here are some of our thoughts – you might like to add to them.

The season to be jolly

Novelty gifts are always a favourite and there are wonderful possibilities at this time of year. Why not consider a snow globe, Christmas crackers or some more innovative Christmas decorations? Nutcrackers are a popular, quirky offering and on the more traditional front, there is always the chocolate advent calendar.

Being merry

Who can resist some tempting Christmas fayre parcelled up in attractive festive packaging? Gifts of mince pies, stollen, chocolate, confectionary and mulled wine are all firm favourites at this time of year and with a mix of these ideas, there is something to please everyone, whatever their taste.

The perfect Christmas gift

We all like a goodie bag and Christmas is a great time to promote your brand with this popular gift. All you need to do is ensure the packaging, if not the gifts themselves, have a Christmas feel and they are sure to be appreciated. Alternatively, you can opt for gifts that are usually given at Christmas, but with a personalised business message. Good examples include socks and slippers, scarves and gloves, or a Christmas mug.

Whatever message you want to send to your customers or potential clients The MPC can help you deliver it. Contact us at mailto:info@thempc.co.uk for further details.



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