Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Event

Hosting, attending or sponsoring an event can be an extremely effective way of promoting awareness of your brand, services and products, generating leads and establishing your reputation for your market. Putting your business efforts into an event can be costly, especially with promotional strategies you’ll need to put into place before, during and after. Promotional merchandise can be used at all stages of the event marketing process, and as long as your merchandise is selected and distributed with a measurable objective and the needs of your target audience in mind, it can be a valuable asset leading to improved business.

Setting you measurable objective

By thoroughly understanding the event you’ll be involved in – why it’s been set up, what will take place and how, what audience it attracts and why – you’ll be able to adapt your measurable objectives for what you want your merchandise to achieve. Do you want to generate direct sales, drive traffic to your online media, make customers aware of a new product or get them to sign up to additional communications? Once you have your event objectives in place, you’ll be able to select the most appropriate promotional item for a better return on investment:

Industry Exhibitions and Trade Shows

There are many forms of exhibitions which enable brands to position their products in the target market and improve overall brand awareness. Whether you’re exhibiting at a B2B trade show, or a public convention, handing out promotional merchandise is a simple and efficient way to create a positive and memorable impression of your business. For these events the key thing is not to overwhelm passers-by with too much information; you’ll benefit most from creating a highly visual or sensory experience, with details that can sum up your brand and deliver on your measurable objectives in a glance.

One tactic for exhibitions is to opt for a promotional product that’s slightly unusual yet still practical, in order to differentiate yourself from other exhibitors and retain interest. For example, this could be a mini speaker or an amenity bag which can be used long after the event. Remember however, that your promotional merchandise should be in-fitting with your whole display, to engage with a cohesive brand identity. Complement your product designs with other exhibition items such as a banner, digital display or posters and signage.

Client or Partnership Events

These events are important in showing customers or those networked with your business, just how much you value their business. They are exclusive experiences for your audiences, promoting new products or retaining loyalty, so the promotional merchandise you choose for them should reflect this. Focus on thoughtful gifts with a more luxury appeal – a luxury box of chocolates can be easily and clearly branded and appeal to a wide audience. A coordinated desk set that can be used on a daily basis, is also a great promotional product to keep your brand in the mind of customers. Although these products may be more expensive, it’s far more cost-effective to focus on reengaging with existing customers and maintaining brand loyalty, than spending money on impersonal mailings to try to reach out to new people.

Product Launches

Showcasing a new product at a launch party can generate interest around your brand and set you up as relevant in your industry. The celebratory event is also a useful marketing tactic as you can get key people to test out the new product and gain feedback.

Here you can experiment with your promotional merchandise, though keep in mind that it’s best to use your items to deliver a certain message in line with your business aims and direction. For instance, you may want a fun and inspiring promotional product if you’re in the travel and tourism sector, with an item that represents summer time or travel destinations, though if you’re an insurance company you may want to reflect your trustworthiness and reliability with a staple item.

Press Conferences

Similarly, press conferences are an ideal event for creating interest in your company and getting people excited about your offerings. Use merchandise to build a rapport with your audience and create a positive and memorable experience that they’ll want to share. You could offer goodie bags to thank them, with a range of interesting products relevant to your brand message.


Seminars may be smaller events, however they give you the chance to demonstrate your expertise in your field and can help people learn specifically about your business. Giving attendees merchandise related to their learning, such as an informative booklet or poster they can take away to remember what you’ve covered, or highlighters and pens, can help you build a sustained relationship with them.

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