Choosing seasonal branded merchandise for summer and winter

Promotional items are a popular choice no matter what the time of year, but it’s important to consider how seasonal branded merchandise can be used to raise awareness in the summer or winter months. Here we look at five types of merchandising products that can be used to suit the weather!

Desktop items

Whatever the weather outside we spend plenty of time at the office, so there are certainly things we would prefer to have on our desks at different times of the year. A hand fan or water bottle will likely be useful in the summer, where as we tend to stock up on stationary, diaries and calendars in the winter period!

Beverage holders

It’s important to stay hydrated all year round, but the drinks we enjoy will change with the seasons. A promotional drinking bottle and cool bag will be appreciated in the summer whilst coffee cups, travel flasks and thermal mugs will be much better suited once the cold, rainy weather arrives.

Lifestyle products

Travel accessories, pedometers and sporting products are always a hit during the summer months when the warmer weather makes us more active and outdoor minded. In winter it might be better to focus on merchandise that can be used indoors (at the home or workplace) where it’s dry and warm!

Practical accessories

Handy everyday accessories are amongst the most popular merchandising products, and they can be particularly useful at different times of the year! For example, a branded umbrella or waterproof poncho will be appreciated in the winter, whilst flip-flops and sunscreen make perfect summertime gifts.

Automotive items

Products designed for use on the road can have definite seasonal appeal. Motorists will be grateful for ice scrapers and tyre tread keyring gauges during those frosty winter months, whilst a new air freshener and fan can offer a cooling presence for vehicles owner in the summer.

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